Sunday, March 24, 2019

Blog Watching: Week ending March 24, 2019

Municipal politics once again carried much of the current of local news for the week, with a number of stories out of City Hall capturing the interest of our readers over the last seven days.

With a weekend to dig deep into the March 15th report from the City on the Boil Water situation, we were able to explore some of the volume of the city's review on Monday morning .

From the documentation of the report and comments from the Mayor, the main takeaway for residents was that we may not have had to have boiled all that water, or loaded up on bottled water after all; with the City noting that an early false positive started off the chain of events through December and January.

The municipal theme also carried over in a few other areas, with a large audience on Friday checking out our look at the recent road trip by the Mayor and Council members to the Watson and Ridley island industrial sites.

The surprise announcement of the newly launched quest for a Corporate Administrator also attracted a large audience this week, while a steady volume of readers explored our notes on an upcoming study on the labour market to be compiled by the City and a number of partners in the project.

The only story to break free of the municipal theme, was a look at an advisory notice from Northern Health and the First Nations Health Authority that raised an alert for those than may have harvested butter clams on Dundas Island last November.

However the top story of the week, was one that dominated the headlines for much of the Christmas and New Years period, with a look at the City's Incident report into our times of Boiled Water. 

"False positive" ... led to six weeks of Boiling during winter Water situation  -- We took a more expanded look at the City of Prince Rupert's report in the Boil Water Order of December and January, which it seems now may not have been required and came as a result of a positive  test result in the early testing period.     (posted March 18, 2019)

That article was followed by:

And then they rode ... Mayor Brain and Council take tour of Watson/Ridley Industrial sites -- Our review of the Mayor's travel notes of a tour of Watson and Ridley Islands found a large audience through the day yesterday.    (posted March 22 , 2019)

Caution urged for shellfish consumers following cases of Paralytic Shellfish poisoning -- Northern Health and the First Nations Health Authority have issued an alert for those who may have harvested butter clams off of Dundas Island last November, offering up a range of advice as to the concerns for health and how you can access more information     (posted  March  21, 2019)

Redesign Rupert to Spearhead Labour Market Study of Prince Rupert Area --  A number of local groups are joining the City of Prince Rupert to explore some of the strains on the labour market in the community. The Port of Prince Rupert, Community Futures of the Pacific Northwest and Hecate Strait employment all have signed on for the project which recently put out a request for Bids for consultants that may have an interest in the study.   (posted March 19, 2019)

City of Prince Rupert commences search for Corporate Administrator position -- The job postings page at the City of Prince Rupert is showing some activity these days, with the most recent one featuring a top level civic administration position now open with the city accepting resumes from interested applicants.      (posted March 22, 2019)

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