Thursday, March 21, 2019

CN investment plans include new siding for Port Edward, double tracking west of Prince George

CN Rail took some tine on Wednesday to outline some of the expansion plans that they  have for their Northern line infrastructure in 2019, part of an overview of a range of projects that the national railway will invest money towards as part of a 3.9 billion capital investment program across Canada, with 345 million allocated towards BC operations.

Among the roll out of infrastructure work is a train passing siding planned for the Port Edward area, along with an additional 2.5 miles of new double tracking to be placed between Prince George and the Port of Prince Rupert.

Other projects planned for Spring and summer of 2019 will be replacement of rails and railroad ties and the rebuild of road crossing surfaces as well as other maintenance work on culverts, signal systems and additional track infrastructure.

The railway which serves the Port of Prince Rupert is also directing some attention towards enhanced safety measures, noting some of their work as part of their Wednesday presentation.

CN is currently deploying important safety enhancing technologies across its network, such as the Autonomous Track Inspection Program, Distributed Air Cars and Automated Inspection Portals. These innovations, combined with CN’s investments in locomotives, capacity, infrastructure, and train crews, will support the safe and efficient movement of our customers’ goods to their end markets.

While not mentioned in yesterday's update, CN and Port Edward are also currently working on rail crossings in the District, part of a much anticipated project designed to reduce the amount of train whistling that occurs in the Port Edward area.

For more background on CN's plans see their media information statement here.

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