Friday, March 22, 2019

And then they rode ... Mayor Brain and Council take tour of Watson/Ridley Industrial sites

The Mayor and Prince Rupert Council took a tour of some of the
region's industrial sites this week

(photo from Mayor Brain's Facebook page)

Reading a bit like an old spaghetti western, Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain spun a tale on his Facebook portal on Thursday, sharing notes of the tour of the eastern territories that he and his six amigos of City Council took on Wednesday.

The Prince Rupert version of the Magnificent Seven rode off into the sun on Wednesday heading to the gates of Watson Island to explore the latest happenings at the city's Watson Intermodal Trade and Logistics Park, where Pembina Pipelines is in the process of ramping up their plans to develop an LPG terminal on a section of the former pulp mill site.

While there, the council members also checked out the dining facility at the work camp on Watson Island, with Pembina officials expecting the first wave of workers to arrive in mid April.

As well as checking out the city's investment on Watson Island and checking in on the tenants, the touring party then took to the Ridley Island Access Road and a tour of a pair of facilities on the large industrial footprint of Ridley Island off of Highway 16.

The journey found them stopping in at the AltaGas project to take in the final preparations before that Liquid Propane Terminal opens for business, ready to send Canadian gas resources to Asian markets later this Spring.

The Seven also made their way to the RayMont logistics site, the home of a specialty grain shipment facility that ships container after container of the harvest of Western Canada, the majority destined for Asia shipping from their Ridley site through the Fairview Container Port.

The Mayor even managed to break a little news from his travels to the RayMont facility, observing as to how there are plans apparently in the works for an expansion of the facility, though he had no timeline or further details on the scope of that expansion to share with his readers at this time.

Considering as they were close to Port Edward, the opportunity did appear to have been there for the Council as a whole to saddle up and head on in to the District of Port Edward.

Offering as it might have, the chance to try to settle up those acrimonious discussions that have flared hot with Port Edward from time to time as part of the Ridley Island Tax Agreement Dispute.

However, there's no indication from the mayor's review on Thursday as to whether the Seven made the three minute ride from the Watson property line across the frontier to the District Office.

You can review the Mayors travelogue notes from his Facebook page here.

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