Monday, March 25, 2019

One month refit for Airport Ferry to start March 28th

The Digby Island ferry charts a southern course this week
departing for Victoria and its refit on March 28th

Travellers to and from the Digby Island Airport will be riding a barge back and forth for the next month, that as the city's Airport Ferry heads off for its 3 year scheduled refit.

The timeline for the Airport Ferry's refit schedule was released by the City of Prince Rupert today, with the ferry to set sail for Victoria on March 28th, at which time a tug and barge system will take its place operated by Wainwright Marine.

The shift in transportation models is not expected to have any impact on the travel time between Digby Island and the Fairview Departure point in Prince Rupert.

If all goes according to plan, the Airport Ferry should be back at its Fairview Berth by April 28th.

We outlined the nature of the City's contract award back in October of last year, the refit project is expected to cost the city just over 347,000 dollars, with Point Hope Maritime of Victoria the winning bid out of three that the city considered.

Between the refit and cost of the substitute transportation service, the tab comes in at just over 611,000 dollars.

More on the Ferry refit plans can be explored here.

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