Thursday, March 28, 2019

Council members receive Community Para-Medicine tutorial

Prince Rupert is one of a number of communities in the
Northern Health region to be selected to participate in the
Para-Medicine program, on Monday City Council
heard some details about the program and what it offers

Monday's City Council session made for Presentation night with a number of local groups providing some notes of interest for Council members to take in on a range of issues and initiatives.

One of the night's reviews provided Council with some background on the newly introduced Community Para-medicine program that is in place in Prince Rupert with Paramedic Cay Hulsen outlining the focus for the program and how it has been received in the community so far.

The twelve year veteran paramedic in Prince Rupert offered Council members a review of the four components which make up the program, which include:

Provide services at community events, such as Seafest or local marathon events

Promote Health issues in the community by way of public education through schools and other groups to make presentations

Wellness checks on community members in public spaces

Provide for home visits to provide assistance for those with chronic disease and palliative care by referral from Doctors.

He observed how it was introduced in the North over the last four years, and since its introduction to Prince Rupert six months ago,  he has worked with a number of community organizations to expand the scope of the program in the region.

Mr. Hulsen also noted that as his workload has grown, a second position is planned to be added to the Prince Rupert ambulance station hopefully by the end of this summer.

For those that may have questions or ideas on how they can help out, he noted that he is available at the ambulance station to help provide more background on the program.

Following his presentation, City Council members offered up some thoughts on the program and how the city may be able to assist in sharing word of the initiative.

Mayor Lee Brain asked if there was anything that the City can do to help with the program delivery.

On that theme, Mr. Houlson observed as to  some safety concerns for some of the residences where seniors live, noting that some of their facilities are not as secure as others in the community.

He also noted the concerns in the community over crosswalk and traffic issues in the city, noting of a recent visit to Whitehorse which he says has a traffic safety program the city could explore to see if it will work here.

Towards working with Seniors, Councillor Cunningham asked how residents could access the program if they don't have a family doctor, he was advised that they should go through the hospital in that instance.

Mr. Cunningham also suggested that the program work with the Seniors Centre to work towards fall prevention and other safety concerns for those Seniors who still live in their homes.

As part of the discussion on the services that are provided, the Councillor was advised that the program does have an outreach process for Seniors in their homes and how the city could lobby the ambulance service to ask for more resources to address more of the areas that are of concern.

The full presentation can be viewed from the City's Council Video archive starting at the thirty two minute mark.

You can find more on the program from Monday's Council Agenda package here .

BC Emergency Health Services notes that some 26 communities in the Northern health service region have been selected to participate in the program (see list here) they also provide a wide ranging overview about what the Community Para Medicine program offers here.

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