Friday, March 29, 2019

Fairview Terminal adds ZIM shipping line to list of marine carriers

A New Container service has started  to service Fairview Terminal

The Prince Rupert Port Authority, Fairview Terminals and CN Rail all welcomed the arrival of a new marine carrier to the North Coast this week, as the Israeli Shipping line ZIM began its service with an inaugural call on March 27th.

ZIM has partnered with the 2M alliance to serve Prince Rupert as part of its service to and from Asia and beyond. The ZIM containers arrived aboard the Maerskl Altair as part of its recent port call in Prince Rupert.

"We are very glad to add Prince Rupert to our growing portfolio, as part of our renewed Asia-Pacific North West services, in addition to our other Pacific North West (PNW) gateways. Our strategic cooperation with the 2M Alliance allows us to offer our customers the premium solutions and the unique advantages the new Prince Rupert call can provide," -- Nissim Yochai, ZIM EVP Pacific Trade

The ZIM service marks the forth weekly service for the Port of Prince Rupert. It came about following a January cooperation agreement between the Israeli carrier and the Maersk and MSC lines.

The addition of another major shipping line that is set to make use of the Prince Rupert Gateway will serve well to continue to raise the profile of the Fairview Terminal, which continues to work towards further expansion of its footprint on the Prince Rupert waterfront.

It's expected that by 2022, Fairview will be able to handle up to 1.8 Million TEUS of intermodal capacity, an expansion of service that will provide employment benefits across the entire Northwest corridor as more and more goods arrive and depart from the Port of Prince Rupert.

The announcement from ZIM has been noted by the Industrial press that serves the shipping industry, with a number of articles making note of the impact that another line making landfall in Prince Rupert will have.

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services' new call to Port of Prince Rupert
ZIM"s New Call to Port of Prince Rupert
ZIM begins marine carrier service at Port of Prince Rupert
ZIM Integrated Shipping Services' new call to Port of Prince Rupert

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