Friday, March 22, 2019

City of Prince Rupert commences search for Corporate Administrator position

A surprising career opening appears to have come up among the upper levels of the city's bureaucracy, with the posting yesterday of the Corporate Administrator's position, one of the top three positions that is available on City staff.

The job opportunity was posted to a province wide municipal job listing service hosted by CivicInfoBC, which regularly lists municipal job opportunities for municipal governments.

Of note when it comes to this particular career position, is that it has not as of yet, been posted the City of Prince Rupert Job site on the civic website.

The details of the  career opportunity which as a staff posting is exempt from the labour agreement with CUPE, puts a focus on how the senior member of staff will help to rebuild and redesign the city's future.

The City of Prince Rupert is seeking a positive, energetic and self-motivated individual for the position of Corporate Administrator. Reporting to the Chief Administration Officer, the successful candidate will be an excellent and effective communicator with attention to detail and a due regard for protocol, process, procedure and politics. This statutory member of the senior management team will be a dedicated professional helping to rebuild and redesign the City’s future.

The application deadline for the position is set for April 26th.

What's not clear from City Council to this point is what led to the job opening and what the status may be of Rory Mandryk, the holder of the office, seemingly until yesterday's job notice went out for circulation.

Since January, the City Administrator's work that is normally handled by Mr. Mandryk at the twice a month Council sessions has been taken over by the Deputy Corporate Administrator Antonia Vera, who is also collecting the resumes from those who may plan to apply for the recently posted job opportunity.

City Council rarely discusses personnel matters during the course of their public council sessions, with those discussions normally taking place it would seem in the Closed sessions that mark more and more of the council calendar.

It is also rare for the city to actually share much in the way of information when it comes to the hiring of staff, or departures for that matter, with very few announcements about new staff members or labour notes making their way to the City Website.

However, as the Corporate Administrator position is one of the higher profile ones on staff and includes Board duties as part of a range of civic initiatives such as CityWest and the Legacy Corporation, Council members may want to share what information they can with the public, offering up some indication as to why the city is seeking a new key senior level staff member.

Their first public opportunity to do so comes up this Monday with the March 25th Council session.

The Prince Rupert job posting marks the third time this month that a municipal government in the Northwest has gone on the search for senior staff members.

Earlier this month Smithers announced the departure of their Chief Administration Officer and last week Port Edward advised the public that their CAO  is leaving for Alberta.

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