Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Recreation Centre Boiler replacement project reaches Request for Bids stage

Plans for replacement of the Boiler System at the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre
are moving forward as the city project seek out Requests for Proposals
for the work ahead

One of the city's capital projects for 2019 is making its way forward as the City of Prince Rupert puts the Boiler replacement program for the recreation centre out for bid through the BC Bid process.

The project was approved by City Council earlier this year, after a presentation by David Geronazzo, the City's Director of Recreation and Community Services, who outlined the nature of the renovation plans.

At the time, the grant funding that the city was seeking would direct $483,000 towards the work, with the city to pick up $175,650 of the project.

The project green light appears to be flashing with the Request for Bid posted to the BC Bids website late last week,

The City of Prince Rupert is seeking proposals from qualified proponents in response to this request for proposals for the provision of Services to be carried out within the required schedule set out herein for a suitably qualified Professional and supporting staff to conduct a conceptual design, and with City approval, a detailed design that will meet the City of Prince Rupert's objective to design a new boiler heating system including two new high efficiency boilers, integrated with the existing building systems. 

The successful proponent will have all required qualifications and professional abilities that offer sufficient skill and capacity to conduct the detailed design with site specific recommendations. 

 The City of Prince Rupert is seeking proposals from Proponents who have the necessary expertise in providing services to conduct this work. The intent of this work is to provide a detailed design for the installation of replacement boilers in the Jim Ciccone Civic Centre.

The City's Request package on the BC Bid website includes fifteen pages of instruction related to the project and the city's policies related to the bid process and work on civic property.

Those contractors with an interest in the project are to attend a mandatory meeting for proponents this Friday March 22nd at noon at the Prince Rupert Civic Centre.

The deadline for submissions of interest is April 4th at 2 PM.

Mr. Geronazzo is the city contact for the project, you can explore more on the plans from the BC Bid website here.

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