Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2019 Archive of Bids and Tenders with the City of Prince Rupert

Our Quick reference and archive of items related to those projects that the City provides details on for the bids and tender process.

The Archive of our City Council Meeting Previews, Reviews and Timelines can be found here.

Items of Note for 2019


December 18 -- CN Waterfront Building rehabilitation plans move to design phase  NCR


November 15 -- Equipment and Supplies make for items for RFP's from City of Prince Rupert  NCR
November 14 -- Beach Place Sewer and Storm infrastructure replacement next up on the City's to do list  NCR
November 12 -- City to commence with Moresby park Tank Removal Project  NCR
November 8 -- City seeks bids for Rushbrook Float replacement project  NCR
November 7 -- City's Vactor truck purchase borrowing authorization approved by Council  NCR


October 29 -- City of Prince Rupert to seek bids for Branding Project for new Community Brand Identity including Civic Logo  NCR


September 25 -- City opens Request for Proposals process for Sewer Inspection project  NCR


August 20 -- With eye on curb-side recycling potential for the future, City seeks out new waste collection vehicle  NCR
August 2 -- City puts communication tower projects up for bid  NCR


July 31 -- City looks towards more work at the Ridley Island landfill site  NCR


June 20 -- City looks to move forward on Moresby Park tank removal plans  NCR
June 11 -- Lester Centre mechanical renovations work goes out for tender  NCR
June 3 -- City of Prince Rupert begins bid process for Ridley Island landfill project   NCR


May 9 -- City set to make changes to disinfection system at Earl Mah Aquatic Centre  NCR
May 9 -- Workforce Attraction and Retention project now out for tender  NCR
May 2 -- City of Prince Rupert seeks bids for summer paving projects  NCR
May 2 -- Excavator for Landfill site up next on City's acquisition list  NCR


April 11 -- Operations Department's fleet replacement program seeks a new Bobcat  NCR
April 4 -- City looks to move forward with Sewer and Road Work at Green and 7th Avenue East NCR
April 4 -- City issues call for consultants for Child Day Care Study  NCR


March 20 -- Recreation Centre Boiler replacement project reaches Request for Bids Stage  NCR
March 29 -- Redesign Rupert to Spearhead labour market study of Prince Rupert area  NCR
March 14 -- City seeks bids on replacement of surveillance equipment for Recreation Centre  NCR


February 14 -- Councillor seeks out a home town advantage when it comes to some of the city's Request for Bids  NCR
February 4 -- City of Prince Rupert prepares to kick a few tires  NCR



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