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Re Design Rupert/Sustainable City Archive 2019

An archive of items of note related to the Redesign Rupert project and other sustainable city initiatives in Prince Rupert.

Redesign Rupert

Prince Rupert 2030

Hays 2.0 vision plan

Sustainable City 2030

Notes on the work of the North Coast Innovation Lab in Prince Rupert for 2018

Video presentation of the Prince Rupert 2030 Vision plan on December 12th at the Lester Centre

Rupert 2030 Vision plan Project tracker archive



December 18 -- CN Waterfront Building rehabilitation plans move to design phase  NCR
December 13 -- Port of Prince Rupert expands on plans for Seal Cove redevelopment  NCR
December 13 -- Prince Rupert 2030 Vision plan archive  NCR
December 13 -- Collaboration the focus for Prince Rupert 2030 Announcements, setting the template for the future as program of civic renewal moves forward NCR
December 13 -- Many moving parts and many questions to come for Prince Rupert 2030 vision plan NCR
December 12 -- The future is the feature ... As City of Prince Rupert and partners prepare to present Prince Rupert 2030 Vision tonight at the Lester Centre NCR
December 2  --  Mayor's invite to redesign rupert event highlights plans for Prince Rupert 2030 and offers the promise of 'exciting news'  NCR


November 18 -- Next stage for Redesign Rupert set to be revealed at December 12th Lester Centre Event  NCR


October 30 -- Complete Streets for Prince Rupert offer some redesign tips for City Council  NCR


September 23 -- Mayor Brain hopes to share thoughts on Global Climate Awareness with local students  NCR


August 15 --  North Coast Innovation Lab sets August 22nd for Community update  NCR


July 26 -- Council members share their enthusiasm for Prince Rupert's future, following four day planning session  NCR
July 18 -- Redesign Rupert holds four-day workshop to reimagine the city
July 18 -- Partnerships will blaze the trail towards a new look as part of the 2030 Prince Rupert Plan  NCR
July 16 -- Province expands on vehicle charging station plans for 2019  NCR
July 4 -- Chamber of Commerce set to host Voices of Commerce this evening at Coast Mountain College  NCR 
July 4 -- Ecotrust Canada report highlights work of 2018 and plans ahead through 2019  NCR


June 6 -- City's Downtown revitalization study highlights what residents are looking for, offers suggestions for change  NCR


May 28 -- Rupert redesign (video)
May 23 -- Redesign Rupert, the superheroes


April 5 -- City seeks your opinion on the downtown core  NCR


March 28 -- Sustainability the cause for Transition Prince Rupert with a range of initiatives set for April  NCR
March 19 -- Redesign Rupert to Spearhead Labour Market Study of Prince Rupert area  NCR
March 13 -- Electric Vehicle Charging program could be powered up by 2020 NCR


February 6 -- Quest for funding continues, as NCRD hears update for electric charging system plan for Highway 16   NCR



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