Monday, January 14, 2019

Nathan Cullen reportedly one of NDP options should Jagmeet Singh stumble in by-election run

Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen was one of the first MP's 
to throw his support to Jagmeet Singh's quest for the leadership 
of the party in 2017. As the new leader continues to struggle in that role, 
some NDPers are now suggesting that Cullen should take on the leadership 
should Mr. Singh not win a by-election next month

With NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh continuing to have his troubles gaining any kind of traction with Canadian voters, the NDP is reportedly working on a few alternatives should Mr. Singh fail to win an upcoming by-election in Burnaby, set for February 25th.

CTV's political analysis  program Power Play examined the state of the NDP's popularity last week and observed how the NDP have a pair of emergency plans in mind; should the wheels fall off the Singh campaign wagon in Burnaby and he lose his bid for a seat in the House of Commons.

With little time for a convention and the party short of cash, one option that has reportedly been floated around NDP circles would see Nathan Cullen,  the MP for Skeena-Bulkley Valley take on the leadership to lead the party into this falls Federal General election.

Other names suggested as potential emergency replacements for the top job were MP's   Guy Caron currently the House leader, or Charlie Angus who ran against Mr. Singh in 2017.

The discussion on the fate of the NDP can be found here at the 41 minute mark

Mr. Singh was named leader of the party back in the fall of 2017, One of the early backers for his candidacy was Nathan Cullen who delivered a strong endorsement prior to the convention a push that was considered one of the pivotal moments during that leadership campaign.

Since taking the leadership however, the NDP Leader has suffered a number of mis-steps along the way. many of them self inflicted.

Such has been the fallout from them, that NDP support has fallen over the last few years, along with the departure of a number of sitting NDP MP's over the last year.

Two polls conducted just before then of 2018 paint the picture of peril that faces the NDP should they  not reverse the numbers by the time the General election arrives. With both the Abacus data poll and Ipsos/Global  poll delivering some sobering numbers.

Ipsos polling on federal leadership at the end of 2018
The Abacus polling numbers at the end of 2018

Former NDP leader Tom Mulcair added to the pressure for the current NDP leader last week, observing how if Mr. Singh does not win in Burnaby his political days on the national stage would seem to be numbered.

Should there be a need to put a new leader in place prior to the General vote in the fall, the current numbers suggest it would be a salvage mission at best for the party; with little chance of making it to opposition status, let alone to the reins of the government for the NDP.

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