Monday, October 2, 2017

MP Nathan Cullen hails first ballot victory for Jagmeet Singh

Calling it a historic decision, Skeena MP Nathan Cullen shared word of the naming of new Federal NDP Leader with a Facebook post on Sunday, hailing the success of Jagmeet Singh's leadership campaign as one which saw New Democrats having made a choice of openness and courage over fear and division.

Mr. Cullen a long serving and high profile MP and one time leadership candidate himself in 2012, lent his support to Mr. Singh's campaign on September 20th, and had been prominent in drumming up support for the campaign push to the first ballot through the last two weeks.

Sunday, Mr. Cullen also pointed to the new leaders principles, energy and commitment to true progressive values as something that New Democrats identify with.

Mr. Singh, a Toronto area MLA, claimed the leadership of the Federal party on the first ballot, attracting 54 Percent of the vote of those who participated in the political process.

Of the 65,509 ballots that made for the final count, Mr. Singh received 35,266 votes.

Veteran NDP MP Charlie Angus was well back in second place with 12,705 votes, while Niki Ashton a Manitoba MP was third with 11,374 votes.

Guy Caron a Quebec MP was the final candidate in the leadership race, he received 6,164 votes.

Those not yet familiar with the New Democrat's new leader can catch up on some of his leadership campaign themes here.

One of the first decisions for the new NDP leader will be to revisit his original plan to wait a period of time before seeking a seat in Parliament.

Some New Democrats have suggested that getting elected to the House of Commons should be a priority for the new leader, giving him an opportunity to take on the issues and engage with the Prime Minister through the proceedings of the House and the Daily Question period.

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