Tuesday, October 24, 2017

DFO seeks public input into Wild Salmon policy plan with Open House session in Prince Rupert tonight

The Wild Salmon consultation process for DFO brings officials to Prince Rupert tonight, as the third phase of the Wild Salmon Implementation Plan seeks the feedback from stakeholders at a public meeting at the Crest Hotel.

As they travel through this month and next, DFO will be taking the plan to communities in British Columbia and the Yukon, seeking to collect feedback to put towards the Draft plan for 2018-2022.

The Crest session takes place as part of an Open House from 6:30 to 8:30

The draft implementation plan outlines DFO’s planned work over the next five years—from 2018-2022—that supports Pacific wild salmon and salmon habitat conservation across BC and Yukon.

It also highlights some of the many ongoing contributions other groups make in support of Pacific wild salmon. As part of that review process, participants are asked to review the document and then keep an eye out for elements you think could use more elaboration, or where things might not be as clear or accurate as they could be.

DFO also asks that those interested in the draft, think about projects you know about or are involved in that are planned for 2018-2022 that will add to the planned activities already included.

You can review the background to Draft plan here, those that wish to receive a copy of the full document can request on through the DFO website.

More information related to the Wild Salmon engagement process can be found here.

You can also participate in the consultation process through an online form available at the DFO site.

DFO has also scheduled another consultation session for November 30th, set for the Highliner Inn

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