Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Rice updates Legislature on Fire recovery efforts in the province

MLA Jennifer Rice offered up an
update on the 2017 Fire season at
the legislature on Monday
North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice was in the spotlight at the Legislature on Monday, providing an update on the pace of recovery efforts in those areas of the province affected by this years forest fires of the summer.

Ms. Rice was Speaking following statements from MLA Coralee Oakes, who represents the Cariboo North region and had outlined some of the findings of a town hall meeting she had hosted for residents who have been affected by the wildfire season.

In her response, Ms. Rice,, the Parliamentary Secretary for Emergency Preparation noted the extent of the damage and the amount of territory consumed by the wildfires, noting that the Province had put in place a state of Emergency related to the fires that lasted for ten weeks.

She also observed that the scope of need required by those that had been affected by the wildfires was extensive, with the Province having to provide for additional staff to handle the volume of claims to the voucher system related to the fires of 2017.

Ms. Rice also paid tribute to the fire fighters, contractors and local business owners that provided their service to the province during the emergency. She also noted that the government is continuing to work on plans to assist rural areas who have faced challenges related to the fires of this year.

Adding that the NDP government is working on a larger strategy to address issues for all rural areas when it comes to economic development and the challenges that they have to deal with.

The full transcript of the discussion on the provinces response to the fires can be found here, the original comments prior to Ms. Rice's presentation start at the 10:45 AM minute mark

You can review her full presentation to the Legislature below:

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