Monday, October 16, 2017

Council to get first glimpse of proposed triplex for 1st Avenue West

While new housing starts in the city have been rather staggered over the last few years, City Council will have an opportunity to review one for the downtown area tonight, as a proponent of a new triplex overlooking Prince Rupert harbour on First Avenue West will be seeking a variance permit at this evening's Council session.

In a report prepared for City Manager by City planner Zeno Krekic offers up some thoughts related to the property located at 1034 1st Avenue, with the new property development seeking a variance related to maximum height in the city, with Mr. Krekic noting that the proposed structure would be 2.1 metres (7 feet) higher than currently allowed.

In his notes for Mr. Long, the City Planner notes that the new building, proposed by a group known as Three Lions Development, is to take place in an established neighbourhood, with the proposed building featuring three residential units with covered parking.

Mr. Krekic observes in his report that the building would be an improvement over the current structure on site, which he describes as a dilapidated and vacant building which has been on the lot for over a decade.

The applicant requires approval of the variance permit, in order to move the proposal on to the public notification process.

Council gets its first look tonight at a proposed multi unit residence planned
for 1st Avenue West in the downtown area

The report to Council, along with some background information related to the proposed development can be reviewed from the City's Agenda for tonight's meeting, the details are available starting on page 23.

The Three Lions Development proposal, is one of three property variance items that Council will address this evening.

The remainder of the night's work load can be reviewed from our Council Preview item here.

More notes related to housing in the Northwest are available from our Housing archive, while a wider overview of past City Council Discussion topics can be found here.

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