Friday, October 27, 2017

With appointment of Don Holkestad a familiar name joins the Board of Directors to CityWest

Don Holkestad (seen here with CEO Chris Marrett) will
rejoin CityWest, this time serving on the Board of Directors
for the Northwest communication provider
photo from CityWest)

He'll have the inside information on where the coffee is at the CityWest office and can probably point you in the direction of washroom as well, that as Don Holkestad returns to the city of Prince Rupert owned communication company, having signed on to duties with the Board of Directors as of October 16th.

CityWest announced the change to the Board listings with this announcement of October 25th, it notes the long association that Mr. Holkestad has had with with communication company, a thirty seven year journey that took him from telephone installer to CEO of the company prior to his retirement in December of 2016.

Upon his retirement, Mr. Holkestad was replaced by the current CEO Chris Marrett, who took to his duties on December 1st of that year.

Robert Long, the City Manager for the City of Prince Rupert and Chair of the CityWest Board hailed the return of Mr. Holkestad to the company and his new duties with the Board.

"Don was instrumental in pursuing the operational goals of the company during his four-year term as CEO. He brings a great deal of technological expertise to the Board table and I look forward to some invigorating and interesting discussions as we guide the company into the future."

The former CEO will join Rhoda Witherly, Rory Mandryk, Corrine Bomben and Bob Thompson around the Boardroom table along with Chairman Long, the current roster of Board members have been in place since the major shake up of the CityWest board back in October of 2014.

That shift in personnel in the Boardroom consolidated much of the oversight of the company into the hands of the upper management of the City of Prince Rupert, with the majority of the Board members now either part of City staff or former employees of the City.

You can review more of CityWest's endeavours across the Northwest from our archive page here.

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