Friday, October 20, 2017

Media notes indicate John Horgan's coming to the Northwest and he's bringing a hard hat ...

John Horgan seen above on the campaign trail earlier this year.
Now the Premier, Mr. Horgan will be touring some industrial
sites in the Northwest this weekend.

(photo from BC NDP flickr site)

He may not have dropped by as Opposition leader during the Spring election campaign, but this weekend John Horgan, now the Premier of the province, will be touring a number of industrial locations in the Northwest.

So far, no itinerary has been posted through his range of communication options, while North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice appears to be keeping the pending visit off the radar for the moment. 

However, according to the Globe and Mail, Mr. Horgan would appear to have a busy few days planned for his quick jaunt into the region.

No dates or times were revealed by the Globe, but in this story, posted last night, the Globe notes that the Premier will be exploring the Rio Tinto Aluminum smelter in Kitimat, taking part in a celebration of the first year of the modernization project kin that community.

Mr. Horgan will also tour the site of a proposed LNG terminal in Kitimat before heading westbound.

Following that event, the Premier is destined for Ridley Island where he will be visiting the construction site of the AltaGas Propane Export Terminal.

As he travels along the Ridley site Mr. Horgan might be able to get a glimpse of a few political ghosts in the region. With a chance to explore where the Prince Rupert LNG Terminal project might have been built, and if he looks off into the not too far distance to the south of Ridley, the Premier will also be able to see the controversial topography that makes up Lelu Island, the one time proposed host site for the Pacific NorthWest LNG project.

Those large scale industrial LNG project proposals, along with the recently cancelled Aurora LNG project, could make for some interesting discussion points when it comes to the future for the North Coast's industrial prospects.

There is no indication from the Globe story, if the Premier also has plans to meet with any members of  Prince Rupert City Council to discuss some of the issues of note that the City has been speaking to since the NDP took power in May.

Should the Premier's office, or MLA Rice outline further itinerary items, or if any public events are planned for the North Coast are announced, we'll be sure to share them below in an update to this item.

For more items related to the Provincial government and the North Coast riding see our Legislature Archive page here.

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