Thursday, October 19, 2017

Council to embark on Fall Community engagement process

Prince Rupert Mayor Lee Brain outlined the city's plans
for a range of community engagement initiatives for the fall

Taking their message to the residents of Prince Rupert seems to be he focus for Mayor Lee Brain and his council members for this fall, with the Mayor outlining plans for three separate areas for community engagement over the next few months.

At Monday night's council session, the mayor outlined the calendar ahead for the community, highlighting that the City has three public engagement plans on the horizon.

First noting of the receipt of $150,000 in funding from the Rural Dividend Fund to be directed towards the city's Redesign Rupert initiative.

The Mayor observed that owing to the slow government changeover the funding was delayed, with Mayor Brain recalling how he viewed the first phase of the project as a great success, adding that Council will soon receive a report that will outline what the city has planned for phase two and how they will act on some of the feedback.

Towards the second phase of the Redesign Rupert initiative the City will expand on their plans over the next couple of months.

You can review some of the past background to the Redesign Rupert initiative from our archive page here.

The second public engagement session will be an Open House for Watson Island in November with the date, time and location still to be determined. The Mayor outlined how the city will update the public on the progress that the city is making on their Watson Island plans.

For those looking to do a bit of research on the themes of Watson Island over the last few years, we offer up our Watson Island Archive page as helpful starting point.

The third of the Mayor's public engagement themes is a session designed to return to the themes of the Hays 2.0 vision plan.

With the City to host a Town Hall format at the Lester Centre on Wednesday evening, November 22nd.

That Community session which is to be called the Hays 2.0 Blueprint Presentation will review how they plan to implement the Hays 2.0 vision. Among the themes to be presented will be infrastructure priorities including the RCMP station situation and water supply notes, regional transportation initiatives and access to the airport.

As well, the city will discuss strategies on how to potentially improve City revenues, included as part of that topic will be Watson Island, the city's Legacy Fund and the vision for Prince Rupert's future.

Towards that future, the Mayor observed that the session will explore the current challenges and some of the solutions that may be available, he outlined that more information on that community engagement session will be distributed later this week.

You can learn more about the Hays 2.0 plan from the city's website, while some of our notes on the ongoing themes related to it can be found here.

The introduction of the fall roll out for community contact can be reviewed from the City's Video Archive of Monday's council session, starting at the fifty eight minute point.

For more items related to Monday's Council session see our City Council Timeline feature here.

A wider overview of Council Discussion points can be reviewed on our archive page.

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  1. The Mayor says that the Re:Design Phase 1 planning process was a "success" because it produced a report that will be used to plan the Phase 2 planning process. Then there will be the Hays 2.0 Blueprint Presentation to look at implementation of the "vision", presumably by developing further plans.

    Three years into their mandate the Mayor and his council seem to be stuck on a merry-go-round of planning processes, but have not really accomplished very much that makes a difference, other than of course to those who enjoy visioning and planning processes.