Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Stand by for Round Two, more rain to come today

Satellite images from Environment Canada highlight the
energy of the weather system tracking North towards the coast

The first wave of a Pacific front has passed through, leaving a bit of calm for a mini-clean up before the next round gets underway this afternoon and continues through the evening.

Monday's wind and rain storm made for much work for city work crews, as the drains clogged and the sewers faced challenges from the strong flow of water that arrived in a short period of time.

Such was the nature of the situation that by late afternoon on Monday the city had issued a potential flooding notice for the community and city workers continued their duties into the night to try to keep up with the strain on infrastructure and keep an eye for any problem areas.

So far, the city has not provided any further updates related to their advisory of Monday.

Other areas of the Northwest have bee dealing with the elements as well, with Monday morning offering up a number of advisories for travellers through the region.

The Drive BC website tells the tale of weather related woes from the overnight period.

More rain is anticipated through the day, with Environment Canada keeping in place their Heavy Rainfall Warning for the North Coast

The weather service is calling for an additional 100 mm of precipitation starting this afternoon and continuing into the evening. The southerly winds however won't be quite as intense as the first day of this two day weather event provided for, with the top end speed anticipated at 70 km/h .

You can find reviews of past weather incidents for the region from our archive page.

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