Sunday, October 29, 2017

Blog Watching: Week ending October 29, 2017

Provincial politics, the weather and what's on the radio all made for themes of interest for our readers this week, with our list of five most read articles putting the focus on those topics over the last seven days.

The plans from the NDP/Green alliance to deliver proportional representation to the province's electoral system was a highly contentious topic in Victoria this week, with Skeena MLA Ellis Ross making some strong points on behalf of the BC Liberals during the debate of Wednesday.

Mr. Ross also figured prominently as he sought out more information on the status of the Resource Benefits Alliance initiative from the Northwest, taking up his questions with NDP Finance Minister Carole James during a committee session this week.

The Province of British Columbia and BC Transit were also in the news in the Northwest this week, with the Transit system introducing new highway service between Terrace and the Hazeltons, part of the government's ongoing Highway 16 Transportation plan initiative.

A one-two punch from Mother Nature left a mess and a number of repairs required for communities across the Northwest, with many of our weather related items finding a large audience this week.

And local listeners of the CBC are looking to gain some improved local programming for the region, with a presentation planned for City Council on Monday to highlight for the community some of their plans to improve the level of service.

The top story of the last seven days however puts the focus on the NDP government's plans to change how the electoral system will work when we next go to the polls in British Columbia.

Skeena MLA tackles electoral reform proposals during Legislature discussion --   The theme of electoral reform and the NDP/Green proposal of Bill 6 has been a frequent discussion topic in the Legislature in recent weeks. A northwest perspective on the Bill was offered up by thoughtful presentation by Skeena MLA Ellis Ross this week.  (posted October 26, 2017)

That article was followed by:

Stand by for Round Two, more rain to come today -- A wild week of extreme weather for the North Coast and Northwest found readers digging into many of our notes on weather updates as the week progressed, the full catalogue of weather related notes can be found here. (posted October 24, 2017)

Ellis Ross returns to themes on RBA initiative during Committee session -- In what was a busy week in the Legislature for the Skeena MLA, readers found much interest in his line of questions of Finance Minister Carole James on the fate of the regional resource benefits initiative from local government leaders.  (posted October 25, 2017)

Highway 16 transit plan continues to roll out across parts of Northwest --   Prince Rupert and the North Coast may still be taking a pass on the concept, but across the rest of the Northwest more and more communities are getting highway transit options as part of the province's Highway 16 Transportation plan. More notes on travel along Highway sixteen can be found on our archive page. (posted October 25, 2017)

Local advocates for improved CBC Radio service to take their call to City Council Monday -- The loyal listeners of CBC Radio programming on the North Coast were meeting this Weekend to exchange ideas on how to seek out better service, with the organizer of their group set to appear at City Council on Monday to offer up an update on their plans for the community. (posted October 27, 2017)

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