Friday, October 20, 2017

Rainmaker teams head off in many directions for weekend play

The final few weeks of the fall sports season for regional high schools is now underway, with playoffs, zones and wrap up road trips all part of this weekend's action.

The Charles Hays Senior Girls Volleyball squad is off to Terrace, where a large number of teams from the northwest will take to the court.

The Junior Girls Vollebyall team is also heading to the bus, with Terrace their destination as well for weekend play.

The Rainmaker Cross Country team is on their way to Houston  for the Northwest Zones on Saturday.

The Charles Hays Boys Soccer club wraps up the week's travel arrangements with a trip to Smithers set for a Saturday competition in the Bulkley Valley.

The Grade eight girls volleyball team from PRMS is off to Hazelton on Saturday

You can keep up to date on how all the teams fare this weekend through the CHSS Twitter feed, which features scores and occasional photos and videos of the Rainmakers in action.

For more items related to Rainmaker Sports see our archive page here.

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