Monday, October 23, 2017

City issues Potential FLOODING ADVISORY owing to tides, weather

The current Pacific frontal system is providing for some headaches for the City's Public Works Department as we head into Monday evening, with the City of Prince Rupert issuing a Potential Flooding Advisory for the area.

The notice posted to the city's website on Monday afternoon highlights the dual concerns of a higher than average tide cycle and the extended rain event that the city is currently dealing with.

As we outlined last night, the current pacific frontal system is expected to deliver over 100 mm of rain before it has fully transited inland, bringing with it strong winds at times gusting to 110 km/h.

The system is expected to batter the North Coast through Tuesday.

Those conditions so far have resulted in a significant surcharge to the City's drainage system in residential, commercial and industrial areas of Prince Rupert, causing some localized flooding.

City residents are asked to clear any catch basins in their neighbourhood or to call the City's after hours emergency line at 250- 624- 3000 to report any issues.

City crews will be working into the evening to address the problem areas and the city continues to monitor the situation, with a particular concern noted for the industrial park area.

You can review the full statement from the City here.

More notes on past weather events on the North Coast can be found on our archive page.

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