Friday, October 13, 2017

City of Prince Rupert to put focus on Energy Efficiency through community survey

The City of Prince Rupert will be collecting data on energy usage and perhaps offer up some advice for residents over the next week or so, with the introduction of an energy usage survey to tie in with the first steps of City Council's Community Energy and Emissions plan.

The Energy initiative which was approved by City Council earlier this spring is designed to reduce energy demand in the community, with the survey project designed to collect information to help the City craft future municipal programs towards energy efficiency.

Mayor Lee Brain, who is a member of The Municipal Climate Leadership Council, has a particular interest in climate change issues and energy efficiency, and as part of today's announcement highlighted what the City will be seeking as part of the project.

“One of the big impacts we can have as citizens is to improve energy efficiency at home by insulating, preventing drafts around doors, and replacing old appliances,” ... “The City will be looking for opportunities to support our residents to save money and energy at home through municipal programming.”

As part of the preview to the survey process, the City made note of some of the latest numbers on energy consumption in the region,  estimating that the average Prince Rupert household spends 180 dollars on energy each month, an amount that could be reduced through improved energy efficiency.

Starting next week, residents of Prince Rupert will be receiving a card in the mail to take them through the survey process, which will see data collected anonymously.

However, through participation in the process, respondents will also have the opportunity to opt in should they desire, allowing them to receive the results of their survey.

From that, Rupertites will be able to participate in future energy programs that may be offered by the City.

You can participate in the survey here.

The City's new energy initiative is made possible through assistance from the BC Hydro Sustainable Communities program funding, on that theme you can access more details on energy conservation through the PowerSmart feature of the BC Hydro website.

No details as to how much funding was received, or how much it will cost to launch the study were released as part of today's information statement from City Hall, which you can review here.

You can also explore more of the City's energy and emissions plan here

A look at some of the past notes on sustainability issues from the City can be reviewed here.

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