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From the House of Commons 2019 Archive

Items of Note, both local and national about the work of Nathan Cullen, the NDP MP for Skeena - Bulkley Valley in the capital, as well as other items from the Federal Governments actions which may impact on the Northwest.

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General Overview of notes of interest from the Federal Political Scene
(From our political blog D'Arcy McGee)

Notes on the NDP Nomination race for Skeena-Bulkley Valley

Archive of all Parties for the 2019 Federal Election Campaign



December 27 -- New ownership takes over at Ridley Terminals, introduces debut of refreshed website NCR
December 27 -- RCMP in British Columbia respond to Guardian article, note damage done to relations with Hereditary Chiefs  NCR
December 23 -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP's Facebook post brings heated responses to the Social Media debate chamber  NCR
December 20 -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP calling for independent review of RCMP action at Gidimt'en
December 20 -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP calls for Complaints Commission review of RCMP plans related to Wet'suwet'en activists  NCR
December 17 -- Transport Canada to let Sandspit Inn run until September, SCS wants stable solution
December 13 -- Federal Mandate Letters provide Cabinet Ministers with their marching orders NCR
December 12 -- Taylor Bachrach to host meet and greet in Smithers
December 11 -- Future of Sandspit Inn hangs in the balance, Transport Canada not renewing lease
December 10 -- Taylor Bachrach calls on federal government to support forestry workers
December 10 -- MP Taylor Bachrach makes Forestry issues theme for House of Commons debut NCR
December 9 -- Taylor Bachrach calls for aid from federal government for forestry sector
December 9 -- Taylor Bachrach on infrastructure needs in the Northwest  (video)
December 6 -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach takes his seat as Parliament resumes  NCR


November 28 -- Bachrach given critic role in Federal NDP Shadow cabinet
November 28 -- Bachrach named critic for Infrastructure and Communities
November 28 -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach assigned critics role for Infrastructure and Communities  NCR
November 27 -- Bachrach assigned as critic for infrastructure and communities in NDP shadow cabinet
November 27 -- Taylor Bachrach assigned critics spot with NDP  (video)
November 27 -- Bachrach's MP salary at $178,900
November 27 -- Bachrach sworn in as Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP
November 27 -- Bachrach appointed to NDP shadow cabinet
November 21 -- With New Federal cabinet, there are new faces in some key areas of note for the Northwest  NCR
November 20 -- Bachrach logs 11k on electric campaign car
November 14 -- Taylor Bachrach resigns as Smithers mayor
November 14 -- Cartography 101 with Alberta's Frontier Centre  NCR
November 13 -- Cullen gets $89,000 in post MP severance
November 13 -- With farewell for Smithers Council, MP elect Taylor Bachrach prepares for new political role  NCR
November 12 -- Elections Canada made sure to get out the vote, wherever it took them  NCR
November 6 -- Bachrach officially resigns as Smithers Mayor, but by-election date no yet announced
November 5 -- Bachrach officially resigns as Smithers mayor
November 4 -- Taylor Bachrach holds Terrace for New Democratic Party
November 4 -- Prince Rupert and Port Ed go orange
November 1 -- Conservative tops federal election polls in Smithers area
November 1 -- Bachrach in Ottawa (video)
November 1 -- Bachrach in Ottawa for MP Orientation


October 31 -- NDP to challenge appeal of human rights tribunal ruling
October 30 -- First day in Ottawa for Taylor Bachrach
October 30 -- Marching orders for local MPs
October 30 -- Don't file the divorce papers just yet
October 30 -- Houston students split on who should be next Member of Parliament
October 30 -- Boot Camp for Bachrach! Newly elected Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP in Ottawa for information sessions  NCR
October 30 -- Haida Gwaii youth joins federal climate lawsuit
October 28 -- With Federal election over, UFAWU-Unifor continues forward with calls for Disaster Assistance for North Coast fisheries workers  NCR
October 28 -- With overwhelming Conservative win in Prince George, what's the future for left-leaning parties in the region? (audio)
October 25 -- Conservative voter panel on Wexit, electoral reform and how the party should win the next election? (audio)
October 23 -- Electoral reform now
October 22 -- Taylor Bachrach will step down as mayor of Smithers following federal election victory (audio)
October 12-- Nisga'a Nation launches Dispute Resolution Process against Federal and Provincial Governments  NCR
October 10 -- Regional District to support letter calling for study on climate change related fishery concerns in the area   NCR
October 9 -- "Everyone is in the hole, everyone is desperate': UFAWU-Unifor's Thorkelson to City Council on Fishery issues  NCR


September 20 -- Cullen's farewell traces a fifteen year journey of politics and representation  NCR
September 19 -- Snapshots from the past, bring Clouds to Prime Minister's Sunny Ways vision  NCR
September 5 -- Speechifying Showcase to fête Nathan Cullen this Saturday at the Lester Centre  NCR
September 5 -- Federal Funding to help move forward three major infrastructures projects for Port of Prince Rupert  NCR


August 28 -- MP Nathan Cullen adds his name to the call for Federal action on the BC fishery  NCR
August 23 -- Have Prince Rupert's fish workers been kicked to the curb by area politicians?  NCR
August 23 -- Ridley Terminals sale an example of the rising cost of Social Licence?: National Post Article  NCR
August 22 -- Liberals optics on ethics seek to have the SNC-Lavalin issue fade to black  NCR
August 20 -- Tahltan Nation to develop stewardship protection programs from $3.9 million in Federal funding  NCR
August 14 -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP pulls no punches following Trudeau ruling from ethics commissioner  NCR
August 9 -- Province of Alberta launches "Indigenous Litigation Fund" to support legal action in support of Alberta resources; Eagle Spirit Energy set to be first group to apply NCR
August 8 -- Cullen Farewell BBQ (video)
August 2 -- Facing 'significant challenges' Northern Mayors call on Ottawa for help in BC forestry crisis  NCR
August 1 -- Last Call for political chats with MP Nathan Cullen, with final Prince Rupert BBQ ahead  NCR


July 31 -- Skeena Bulkley Valley MP calls for federal support for BC's forestry workers  NCR
July 17 -- Ridley Terminals Sale raises a few questions for MP Nathan Cullen  NCR
July 17 -- Heiltsuk seek 'proper restitution' in wake of $2.9 million fine for Kirby International in Nathan E. Stewart sinking court case  NCR
July 15 -- Heiltsuk First Nation prepares for Kirby Sentencing Day on Tuesday NCR
July 15 -- Nathan Cullen's remembrances make for summer mailer for Northwest  NCR 
July 12 -- Ridley Terminals gets new owners, as Federal Government divests ownership of North Coast Industrial mainstay  NCR
July 8 -- Eagle Spirit moves forward with pipeline/terminal plans; seeks guidance of NEB  NCR


June 28 -- Nathan Cullen's Summer of Farewells  NCR
June 24 -- Nathan Cullen says not getting more accomplished for the environment one of his biggest regrets  (audio)
June 24 -- Federal government invests in LNG Canada turbines and Kitimat infrastructure  NCR
June 22 -- MP Nathan Cullen on the end of his tenure after 15 years, the senate tanker ban bill, and more
June 21 -- Environmental bills passed in Parliament (video)
June 21 -- MP Nathan Cullen not concerned over Senate amendments to Oil Tanker Moratorium Act  (audio)
June 21 -- MP Nathan Cullen calls out Liberal hypocrisy (audio)
June 21 -- Three important environmental bills pushed through Senate before summer break
June 20 -- Dialog on green new deal for Canada reaches Smithers
June 20 -- Senators vote to pass Bill which promotes conservation and protects fish habitats
June 19 -- Amended oil tanker ban bill passed by House of Commons and Senate
June 19 -- Paul Wells with a funny on the Missing Minister Wilkinson of the Fishery  NCR
June 19 -- Oil Moratorium bill moves through Parliament with a return to Senate its next destination  NCR
June 18 -- Federal Government approves Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project
June 17 -- UN says Canada obliged to assess claims of genocide by MMIWG inquiry
June 14 -- Oil Tanker moratorium Act passes through Senate, but not without changes
June 10 -- A last farewell, but a legacy not forgotten: Nathan Cullen's final speech
June 9 -- "It's something you're called to do": Cullen reflects on time as MP
June 6 -- Cullen's farewell (video)
June 6 -- Senate rejects report that recommended scrapping North Coast Tanker ban
June 6 -- Cullen says serving as MP is not an easy  job - but still a great honour
June 6 -- Cullen gives farewell speech in the House of Commons (audio)
June 6 -- Nathan Cullen's Farewell to Parliament featured themes of the Northwest and a duty of Parliamentarians to leave the country in a better place  NCR
June 6 -- On the Beaches of Normandy, June 6th would forever be remembered for sacrifice and duty  NCR
June 5 -- Federal Minister of Indigenous Services says government already taking action on MMIWG final report
June 5 -- Senate committee report pans tanker ban bill
June 4 -- Debate over term 'genocide' in the MMIWG final report (audio)
June 5 -- Cullen to give farewell speech in House of Commons Wednesday
June 4 -- Indigenous voices finally heard with final MMIWG report, says Northwest BC advocate
June 3 -- BC AFN welcomes MMIWG final report
June 3 -- Race-based genocide Indigenous leaders on National Inquiry into MMIWG
June 3 -- Local MMIWG reaction (video)
June 3 -- Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls presents Final Report
June 3 -- Local reaction to the Murdered and Missing Indigenouse Women and Girls final report (audio)
June 3 -- With currents of genocide and colonialism, MMIWG Commissioners deliver Final Report  NCR


May 29 -- Coastal First Nations calls on Senate to pass tanker ban
May 27 -- Jody Wilson-Raybould to run as Independent MP candidate
May 17 -- Lax Kw'alaams Mayor applauds Senate recommendation on tanker ban bill
May 17 -- Lax Kw'alaams Mayor and Government welcome latest Senate moves on Tanker Ban Bill NCR
May 17 -- Nathan Cullen speaks out on stalled tanker ban bill and the 'promise of democracy' NCR
May 17 -- Lax Kw'alaams Mayor applauds Senate recommendation on tanker ban bill
May 16 -- NDP MP Nathan Cullen worried after Senate votes against adopting Bill C 48
May 16 -- Cullen Tanker Ban (video)
May 16 -- Cullen angered as Senate Committee votes against North Coast Tanker Ban
May 16 -- Concerns over democracy as Senate committee votes to nix oil tanker ban
May 16 -- Cullen concerned over Senate move to sink tanker ban legislation
May 16 -- Senate recommends rejecting proposed oil tanker moratorium
May 16 -- Tanker Ban bill takes on water as Senate Committee recommends against proceeding  NCR
May 15 -- Cullen demands action on Ecstall River
May 15 -- Cullen frustrated with DFO response to Ecstall River controversy
May 10 -- No charges laid in VIP fishing trip to Ecstall River, anglers told
May 9 -- Committee recommends big changes to Fisheries Act
May 8 -- MLA Jennifer Rice and MP Nathan Cullen both support new West Coast Fisheries recommendations
May 8 -- Fisheries Committee Recommendations (video)
May 8 -- Commons Committee on West Coast Fishery delivers 20 recommendations for Government review  NCR
May 7 -- Nanaimo-Ladysmith voters serve notice that Fall election may deliver reconfiguration for Federal politics  NCR


April 25 -- BC and Federal government to split rural bus route funding for two years
April 24 -- Garneau Bus Money (video)
April 19 -- Senators make way back to Ottawa with much to review, following two days in the Northwest  NCR
April 18 -- Northwest BC leaders divided over oil tanker ban
April 16 -- Oil Tanker Bill Hearing in Prince Rupert
April 16 -- CFN says assertions that Bill C-48 will lead to less jobs are unfounded
April 15 -- Cullen Tanker Ban (video)
April 15 -- MP Nathan Cullen to attend hearings on matter close to heart
April 15 -- MP Nathan Cullen to testify at oil tanker ban committee hearings
April 15 -- Oil Tanker Ban Hearings
April 15 -- Frustrated Cullen to call on Senate to "stop running out the clock" on oil tanker bill  NCR
April 12 -- Federal Government launches Indigenous Homes Innovation initiative
April 11 -- Senate Tanker hearings to come to the Northwest (video)
April 11 -- Senate hearings on oil tanker ban hosted in northwest next week
April 11 -- Senate Hearings on Oil Tanker Ban
April 11 -- Highliner Plaza Hotel to host Senate Hearings on Oil Tanker Moratorium in Prince Rupert/Terrace  NCR
April 10 -- Commission report on missing and murdered women and girls complete
April 10 -- Senate to hold hearings in Northwest BC on controversial oil tanker ban
April 10 -- BC North Coast residents to Ottawa: "We can't make a living fishing"


Note any items related to the nomination process/federal campaign can be found above.

March 28 -- Conservative MPs Kitimat bound for meet and greet with Skeena-Bulkley Valley candidate Clair Ratée  NCR
March 28 -- Bacharach makes his bid! Smithers Mayor announces run for NDP nomination in Skeena-Bulkley Valley  NCR
March 23 -- Cullen 'surprised' if Coastal GasLink reroute not being considered privately
March 22 -- Cullen impressed by quality of candidates stepping forward to replace him (audio)
March 21 -- MP Cullen: Not enough money in budget to address wildfire risk
March 21 -- MP Nathan Cullen holding back excitement regarding Indigenous funding in the federal budget  (audio)
March 21 -- Cullen calls freshly eliminated treaty loans a 'form of colonialism' (audio)
March 21 -- MP Cullen: Not enough money in budget to address wildfire risk
March 21 -- Cullen on Tankers (video)
March 21 -- Cullen on the budget (video)
March 20 -- Opposition brings the Noise to Budget Presentations, as SNC-Lavalin controversy continues to roll on  NCR
March 20 -- Pre-Election Budget turns on the spending taps for Federal Government  NCR
March 19 -- Federal and BC Governments now accepting proposals on restoring Pacific Salmon and other fishery initiatives  NCR
March 16 -- Move natural gas pipeline, MP suggests
March 15 -- MPs to join Wet'suwet'en Chiefs for government to government discussions in Witset
March 13 -- NDP to start candidate search
March 13 -- Hope next MP follows Nathan Cullen's example
March 13 -- Liberal members on Justice Committee to Canadians ... nothing to see here, move along, move along  NCR
March 13 -- Prince Rupert gets high profile placement in futuristic view of Canadians politics  NCR
March 13 -- Transport Canada closes the boarding gate for the Boeing Max 8 and 9 aircraft  NCR
March 7 -- Cullen/NDP reinforce call for Public Inquiry on SNC-Lavalin following Butts testimony to committee   NCR
March 4 -- Who will seek the NDP nomination in Skeena-Bulkley Valley?
March 4 -- Second resignation for Trudeau government keeps SNC-Lavalin problems on the high boil NCR
March 1 --  NDP MP Nathan Cullen not running for re-election (video)
March 1 -- MP Nathan Cullen Not running for re-election
March 1 -- Longtime NDP MP Nathan Cullen on not running for re-election (audio)
March 1 -- On not seeking re-election, Cullen says it was time (audio)
March 1 -- NDP MP Nathan Cullen isn't running again
March 1 -- NDP MP Nathan Cullen not running in the 2019 federal election
March 1 -- Cullen not seeking re-election
March 1 -- Nathan Cullen joins long list of NDP MPs who won't seek re-election
March 1 -- NDP MP Nathan Cullen won't be seeking re-election
March 1 -- BC NDP MP Nathan Cullen will not run for re-election
March 1 -- Nathan Cullen to bow out of Parliament at end of this term NCR
March 1 -- Nathan Cullen not running for re-election 
March 1 -- Nathan Cullen not seeking re-election
March 1 -- Cullen not running for re-election in October


February 26 -- Cullen to decide on political future 'later this week'
February 26 -- Nathan Cullen keeps heat on Liberals over SNC-Lavalin issues  NCR
February 26 -- Familiar name returns to the ballot for CHP for Fall election  NCR
February 25 -- Spurned Conservative hopeful switches sides
February 25 -- CHP chooses Skeena-Bulkley Valley candidate
February 23 -- Go get 'em Nathan
February 21 -- MP Cullen: Coastal GasLink should consider rerouting pipeline (video)
February 21 -- Cullen says rerouting may help Coastal GasLink project mover forward
February 21 -- Nathan Cullen introduces Zero Wast Bill to Commons (video)
February 21 -- Terrace Man's Zero-Waste proposal introduced in House of Commons
February 21 -- Cullen remains uncertain about political future
February 20 -- Cullen introduces winning create your Canada bill
February 20 -- Christian Heritage Party leader reflects on 2019 federal election
February 20 -- Kitimat resident to represent Skeena-Bulkley Valley Federal Conservatives for first time
February 18 -- Largest seismic after shock yet from Wilson-Raybould resignation; as Prime Mnister's Top Aide Gerald Butts submits his resignation  NCR
February 18 -- Federal Conservatives said to go with business owner and former Kitimat Councillor Claire Ratée as their candidate for 2019 Federal election  NCR
February 14 -- Northwestern BC Federal Conservatives choose fall election candidate this weekend 
February 14 -- Wilson-Raybould a credit to B.C.
February 14 -- Skeena-Bulkley Valley Federal Conservatives to be represented by Kitimat resident for first time
February 14 -- Liberals look to rag the puck when it comes to SNC-Lavalin inquiry  NCR
February 12 -- BC Assembly of First Nations Chief says Jody Wislon-Raybould spoke 'truth to power' as an Indigenous woman in cabinet  (audio)
February 12 -- Jody Wilson-Raybould quits cabinet
February10 -- We are neither victims nor gullible fools
February 7 -- MP Nathan Cullen hails Federal Court after ruling on farmed salmon  NCR
February 6 -- Cullen calls Federal Court ruling a huge win for wild salmon
February 6 -- Cullen calls federal ruling a 'huge win for wild salmon'
February 6 -- West Coast Fishery regulations topic for Federal Committee hearings  NCR
February 5 -- Government of Canada to launch MMIWG commemoration fund
February 5 -- Federal government tables Indigenous Languages Act
February 1 -- Main issue is Indigenous rights and title: Cullen
February 1 -- Cullen./Morneau exchange Trans Mountain talking points in House of Commons  NCR


January 30 -- MP Cullen says Indigenous rights an title will be forefront in upcoming federal election
January 28 -- Main issue is Indigenous rights and title: Cullen
January 23 -- MP Nathan Cullen unsure if he''ll run for reelction
January 22 -- MP Cullen undecided about running again
January 21 -- With China using Canadians as 'hostages' in trade relationships, MP Nathan Cullen says it's time to rethink our economic ties (audio)
January 15 -- City asks residents to write MLA, MP to help with water issues
January 14 -- Nathan Cullen reportedly one of NDP options should Jagmeet Singh stumble in by-election run   NCR
January 10 -- Hereditary chiefs negotiate injunction agreement
January 8 -- RCMP arrest 14 people at Gidimt'en Checkpoint South of Houston
January 7 -- Cullen calls for continued dialogue over pipeline dispute
January 7 -- RCMP meet with Unist'ot'en supporters at gate near Houston
January 7 -- LNG Injunction (video)
January 7 -- NDP MP Nathan Cullen to visit Unit'stote'en blockade site near Houston, as RCMP members stage for potential injunction enforcement  NCR
January 6 -- RCMP enforce pipeline injunction

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