Sunday, January 20, 2019

Blog Watching: Week ending January 20, 2019

For a twenty nine minute meeting, Monday's Prince Rupert City Council session generated no shortage of talking points, many of them reverberating through town for much of the week.

The main theme of Monday's Council session was the ongoing Boil Water Notice now moving into its sixth week and an issue that is certainly collecting a fair bit of attention  from social media, a flash point of commentary as it turned out from Monday's session.

There were other stories from the week that managed to break some of the water focused commentary, with the Port of Prince Rupert announcing plans to place a moratorium on development for some offshore areas near Lelu Island including the controversial Flora Bank area.

A pair of local highways issues captured the attention of two council members on Monday evening as they look to get some information from the Transportation Ministry.

And a Trade Tribunal in Ottawa announced that it has accepted a request from the Heiltsuk First Nation and its partner Horizon Maritime Services, with the group seeking a review of a contract that was issued last year for ocean towing off the Central Coast.

However the top story of the week once again put the focus on the city's ongoing troubles with its supply of drinking water.

MLA Rice offers response to City Council's call for letters  -- The ongoing Boil Water Notice in Prince Rupert has provided for no shortage of opinions and commentary, and joining the discussion this week after a surprisingly lengthy period of silence on the topic was North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice. With the MLA providing for her first major statement of the water issue as well as some thoughts on the course of events from Monday's Prince Rupert City Council session. (posted January 17, 2019)

That article was followed by:

Monday's City Council Water Review -- Much of the same territory of the last month covered; along with a few notes to share  -- The Monday council meeting was the reference point for part of MLA  Rice's commentary, with some thoughts from Councillor Niesh towards the end making for the key flash point on the night. The council members' words also generating a letter to the editor from a local resident and community clean water organizer who offered up his thoughts on the night. As well, the week brought a contribution  from an out of town Mayor Lee Brain who delivered his own video address on the Boil Water notice and fall out from Monday''s meeting he delivered his thoughts one hour after Ms. Rice had posted her comments to her Facebook. You can find all of our notes related to Monday's council session from our archive page.  (posted January 15, 2019)

With Port of Prince Rupert moratorium, Lelu Island marine areas to be off limits for future development -- The Port delivered somewhat of a surprising announcement this week, placing a moratorium on the offshore areas near Lelu Island including Flora and  Banks, the move coming after discussions with a number of elected and hereditary First Nations leaders in the region. It was a decision which North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice hailed in a statement on Thursday.   (posted January 17, 2019)

Council has two conversation topics for the Ministry of Highways  -- Monday's council session provided for one theme of interest for those that drive through the city, with Council making note of two issues for the Ministry of Highways. As Councillor Cunningham raised concerns about safety issues on Park Avenue, while Councillor Niesh asked for staff to seek out more information on the lack of work so far on the Ministry's Second Avenue plans. (posted January 16, 2019)

Trade Tribunal to review British Columbia maritime towing deal  --  A controversial marine towing contract for the Central Coast will get a second review, as the Heiltsuk Nation and its partner Horizon Maritime find some success in seeking the review with a federal trade tribunal  (posted January 14, 2019)

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