Monday, January 14, 2019

With increase in flu reports into first two weeks of 2019, there is still time to get a flu shot

Recent reports from Northern Health indicate that the first few weeks of the year have been an active period for flu reports, leading the Health agency to remind residents of the Northern Health service region that there is still time to get a flu shot for 2019.

Late last week, Northern Health outlined the current status of the flu season in the North, with Dr. Rakel Kling, the Medical Health Officer for Northern Health outlining the risks associated with the flu.

“We know that viruses spread more easily during peak season for these illnesses, and that some people such as seniors and people of any age with underlying medical conditions are at higher risk for complications. 

It’s not too late for people to get the flu shot, which this year has been shown to be a good match with the strains of the virus in circulation.”

The holiday period is traditionally a busy period for the spread of the flu, leaving those that suffer it to face the many symptoms for whatever period of time it takes to clear our systems.

This years cocktail of flu vaccine includes the mixture to take on the following strains that have been anticipated to make us miserable for this year.

As we outlined back in October, the flu shot is available at all of the city's major shopping venues including Safeway and Save on Foods, to Shoppers Drug Mart and Wal Mart, as well as through Northern Health in the Ocean Centre.

There is no cost for the flu shot for many that fall into a range of categories and you should inquire at wherever you plan to get your shot to see if you qualify.

Beyond getting a flu shot, Northern Health reminds residents of the Northwest to sneeze into a sleeve and to make sure that they wash their hands thoroughly and frequently.

As well, should you unfortunately come to suffer the flu, you are advised to stay home from school or work until the illness passes, that way you won't be sharing the flu with others around you.

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