Friday, January 18, 2019

Another schedule change ahead for BC Ferries, as pacific front churns towards Hecate Strait

With an eye on the ever changing forecast from Environment Canada, BC Ferries has already taken measures towards the sailings of the Northern Expedition, issuing a pair of Service Notices on Thursday evening that delays the next sailing to Haida Gwaii for the vessel until Monday.

With the Northern Expedition providing double duty, also serving the Port Hardy run, the vessel will be held in Prince Rupert while the approaching severe weather passes. Once clear, the vessel will depart from Prince Rupert at 11 AM, with the return trip from Northern Vancouver island now scheduled for 2 PM on Sunday. 

The anticipated arrival in Prince Rupert is set for 9:30 on Monday morning.

For Haida Gwaii, that means that the scheduled Sunday sailing is off.  The one day delay will see the Northern Expedition now make its next trip across Hecate Strait on Monday with a departure from Fairview Bay set for 1:30 PM, arriving in Skidegate at 7:30 PM,.

The vessel returns to Prince Rupert at 11:30 PM on the 21st, turning around for a second trip to Haida Gwaii at 10 AM on Tuesday the 22nd.

The schedule is dependent on weather conditions, those travelling with BC Ferries should consult their Service Notices page for further updates, or contact the Ferry Corporation at 1-888-223-3779.

The latest schedule revision is the second time this month that Haida Gwaii residents have been faced with a delay in service to their communities.

Something that as one resident noted on twitter last evening, is a growing irritant for residents who are weary of having to share their link to the North Coast with a second run south during the winter months.

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