Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Council members suggest review of how city approached Boil Water roll out to learn for future situations

While the Community remains under a Boil Water Notice first issued in mid December, a pair of the City's council members are calling for a review of sorts as to how the city rolled out the advisories and how there may be some lessons to be taken from it for future situations.

As part of the larger discussion of the Boil Water Notice during Monday's City Council session, both Councillor Barry Cunningham and Councillor Nick Adey offered up some thoughts on what the City could learn from the way the current notice was issued.

Speaking to the issue on Monday evening,  Councillor Adey offered up the observation that he had heard a number of concerns from residents and stressed how those concerns had been heard by Council and how they were hoping that the city is closer to the end of the situation than they are to the beginning.

He also added that when the Boil order is done and Council has time to reflect on it, that they develop a contingency plan for any future occurrences.

"When we are done with all this and can reflect on it, we can put together contingency plan for any kind of future occurrences that are similar to this, in such a way as we can address some of those very legitimate concerns that people have had."

The newest member of council pointed to such things as providing for the most vulnerable in the community and around issues related to testing and testing procedures. He added he would be compelled to push for that once the current situation is over.

Councillor Cunningham followed up on that by asking that city staff create an After Action report related to the current situation, advising as to any actions  that can be taken in the future to improve on any similar situations that may arise, so the city will have a plan in place.

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