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The Prince Rupert Boil Water Archives: December 2018 / March 2019

With the City of Prince Rupert putting a Boil Water Order in effect as of December 14th, we'll track all the latest developments through an archive page, the latest information will appear at the top of the listings below:

The Prince Rupert Boil Notice was ended at DAY FORTY-THREE, January 25, 2019.

The Water Advisory Notice was lifted on March 15th, 

City of Prince Rupert most recent advisory

*** March 15, 2019 --  City fully removes Water Quality Advisory    ***

(Previous Notices were posted December 14, December 19, December 28, January 7th, January 11, January 14, January 22, January 25)

Mayor Brains Facebook statements

January 25, 2019
January 17, 2019
January 11, 2019
January 5, 2019
December 23, 2018
December 15, 2018

North Coast Review items

March 18 -- Prince Rupert water safe to drink as city removes water quality advisory
March 18 -- "False Positive" ... led to six weeks of Boiling during winter water situation  NCR
March 15 -- Prince Rupert Water Advisory lifted (video)
March 15 -- City of Prince Rupert lifts water quality advisory
March 15 -- Prince Rupert water given the all-clear
March 15 -- As Water Quality Advisory ENDS for Prince Rupert; Incident Report findings are release by the City  NCR

February 21 -- City reminds residents of Water Quality Advisory; but offers no update on status of the supply NCR
February 11 -- Prince Rupert's water woes made for pre ANBT conversation starter  NCR
February 8 -- While the boiling has stopped, Water Quality Advisory remains for Prince Rupert, with few updates heard since  NCR
February 1 -- Nisga'a prepared for any future Prince Rupert Water problems

January 28 -- Council members express faith in upcoming Staff review of recent Boil Water Notice process 
January 28 -- Clean Water Advocates set to make presentation to City Council tonight
January 25 -- Prince Rupert Water Notice Downgraded to Water Quality Advisory
January 25 -- No News, is Bad News when it comes to City's Boil Water Notice  
January 22 -- No Change to BOIL WATER ORDER notice, but City takes steps for day when notice is lifted
January 21 -- Despite Mayor Brain's hopeful notes of Thursday; Boil Water Notice enters Day 39
January 17 -- Mayor Brain offers new update on water situation, observes on some of the current commentary in Prince Rupert
January 17 -- MLA Rice offers response to City Council's call for letters
January 16 -- Advocate for Clean Water in Prince Rupert disappointed by elements of Monday's council session
January 16 -- Council members suggest review of how City approached Boil Water roll out to learn for future situations
January 15 -- Monday's City Council Water Review - Much of the same territory of the last month covered; along with a few new notes to share
January 14 -- From the Kitchen Table to Council Chamber; Prince Rupert's water concerns shift focus to Council session tonight
January 11 -- Prince Rupert's Boil Water Notice: 29 Days at 100 degrees celsius ... and counting
January 7 -- City's water issues sprouts local advocacy group seeking solutions
January 7 -- On Prince Rupert water issues, the North Coast MLA is more or less MIA
January 6 -- Mayor's return to Facebook on the Water issue brings some new information; along with a call for civility from the public
January 4 -- Lack of information puts social media to boil on Prince Rupert water issues

December 28 -- Heading towards New Years Eve, no change in Boil Water Notice for Prince Rupert
December 24 -- Mayor Brain wades into Boil Water discussion on Social media over the weekend
December 20 -- Like the city's water itself, the city's information flow on the water situation is a little bit murky
December 19 -- City updates its notes on the Boil Water Advisory, which will continue for another week at minimum
December 16 -- Mayor's update through Facebook offers up further details on City's water issues
December 15 -- Prince Rupert's water woes gain attention across British Columbia
December 14 -- Boil Water Notice in effect in Prince Rupert

Northwest BC

January 31 -- Food service establishments in Prince Rupert should still be boiling tap water
January 31 -- Stop wasting money, just get us something to drink
January 29 -- Rupert water Plan (video)
January 29 -- Organization requests external review of Prince Rupert's boil water notice
January 28 -- Clean water group to present to Prince Rupert council
January 25 -- Prince Rupert to conduct review as city downgrades boil water advisory
January 25 -- Rupert Water Better (video)
January 25 -- City of Prince Rupert cleared to end boil water notice
January 25 -- Prince Rupert Boil Water Notice downgraded to water quality advisory
January 24 -- Keyboard warriors, Facebook trolls and one intelligent question (letter to the NV editor page)
January 24 -- Pot calling the kettle black
January 22 -- Rupert Flushing (video)
January 22 -- Prince Rupert flushing water system
January 22 -- Watermains flushed to help downgrade Prince Rupert's boil water notice
January 17 -- Social media strains over Prince Rupert's boil water notice
January 17 -- City Council should open civic engagement, not shut it down (letter to the NV editor page)
January 16 -- Prince Rupert resident unsatisfied with city's response to boil water advisory (audio)
January 16 -- Social media tensions boil over in Prince Rupert water advisory row
January 15 -- Rupert Water update (video)
January 15 -- Prince Rupert council receives boil water update 
January 15 -- City asks residents to write MLA, MP to help with water issues
January 14 -- Mayor to provide update on Prince Rupert's water
January 11 -- Rupert Water improving (video)
January 11 -- How neighbouring North Coast villages avoided the boil water notice
January 11 -- Prince Rupert entering 5th straight week without clean water
January 10 -- Tired of the pitch forks aimed at city hall over boil water notice  (letter to the NV editor page)
January 10 -- Without prejudice, on the boil water notice (letter to the NV editor page)
January 10 -- An island in need of water
January 9 -- Port Edward sisters help out (video)
January 9 -- Prince Rupert residents gather around the kitchen take to solve city's water issues (audio)
January 8 -- Fourth week of boil water notice in Prince Rupert (audio)
January 8 -- Impacts on businesses under ongoing boil water notice
January 7 -- Rupert Giardia cases (video)
January 3 -- Rupert Water Update (video)
January 3 -- No end in sight for Prince Rupert boil water advisory after 3 weeks
January 3 -- Port Edward turns off frozen pipes at RV Sanidump station
January 2 -- Prince Rupert Boil Water advisory continues indefinitely

December 28 -- Boil Water Update for Prince Rupert (video)
December 28 -- Prince Rupert two weeks in to boil water advisory
December 28 -- Prince Rupert's water still isn't safe to drink
December 21 -- Water hasn't had significant impact on hospital: Northern Health
December 21 -- Nurses' Union president told not to drink the water in Prince Rupert
December 20 -- Prince Rupert Boil Water Advisory extended indefinitely for further testing
December 20 -- All we want for Christmas is some clean water
December 20 -- Boil water notice in Prince Rupert expected to last another week
December 19 -- Rupert Water Advisory (video)
December 17 -- Boil Water Advisory continues in Prince Rupert
December 17 -- Prince Rupert Boil Water Advisory continued
December 17 -- Residents hoard water as Prince Rupert's Safeway restocks its shelves
December 17 -- Boil Water Advisory Continues in Prince Rupert
December 16 -- Microscopic parasite found in Prince Rupert water affecting thousands
December 14 -- Boil Water Notice issues for Prince Rupert following Storm Surge Event
December 14 -- Boil water notice in effect for Prince Rupert

Rest of the Province

January 25 -- Prince Rupert downgrades boil-water advisory, plans 'lessons learned' report
January 19 -- Citizens steam as boil watery advisory in Prince Rupert enters fifth week

December 28 -- No end in sight to Prince Rupert boil water advisory
December 16 -- Extreme weather sparks boil water advisory in Prince Rupert, BC
December 16 -- Effects of extreme weather sparks boil-water advisory in Prince Rupert, BC
December 16 -- Water advisory for Prince Rupert
December 15 -- Prince Rupert under boil water advisory that could last for over a week
December 15 -- Boil water advisory in Prince Rupert because of 2018's extreme weather
December 14 -- Prince Rupert under boil water notice; city says it could last over a week

The link to the feature can be found on our home page under North Coast Alerts, part of our right hand column archives for many topics.

For more items of note from the City of Prince Rupert see our Council Discussion archive.

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