Thursday, February 21, 2019

City reminds residents of Water Quality Advisory; but offers no update on status of the supply

The City of Prince Rupert has provided a reminder for residents of the city that we are still under a Water Quality Advisory, reprising their original notice of January 25th when the previous Boil Water Order was finally lifted after a six wee period.

While the notice does serve as a friendly nudge, particularly for those in the community who still need to take precautions with their water owing to health issues, the latest note did not update the community on the ongoing testing program that the city is conducting on the water supply.

The City has indicated in the past that they are hesitant to provide for any results from the water testing process, expressing concerns that residents may not take necessary precautions based on some of the data from any posted results.

Still, a simple indication as to whether the situation is improving or not might be helpful as we prepare to enter the sixth week of the Water Quality Advisory. 

City Council hasn't discussed the topic since the January 28th City Council session when they heard from some members of the public on the nature of the previous Boil Order Water and indicated that a review would be taken on to provide some guidance on how the issue had been handled.

So far, we haven't heard much about that review and what the city has learned from it, as well as to what steps that they plan to take in the future from any recommendations that the report may provide for.

The topic of the city's recent water woes did not come up for discussion during the most recent City Council session of February11th.

And Likewise, any kind of indication as to when the Water Quality Advisory now in place may be lifted, has yet to be relayed to this point of the month by the council members.

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