Friday, February 15, 2019

Yellowhead Institute to share research on Indigenous issues at Coast Mountain College event today

Coast Mountain College is the host for a Prince Rupert gathering
of the Yellowhead Institute which focuses on Indigenous issues across Canada

An Ontario based educational institute has made the journey to Prince Rupert for All Native Basketball Week and this afternoon, the Yellowhead Institute will host a gathering at Coast Mountain College to share some background on their work and learn more about local concerns, ideals and goals of First Nations of the Northwest.

The gathering of the nations for the tournament will provide the Institute with a wide cross section of Indigenous issues to hear about and will serve towards delivering on their philosophy to empower and education communities on policies related to land and governance.

The Institute which is based at the Faculty of Arts at Ryerson University in Toronto offers a range of documentation and resources for communities as they pursue self determination, with the goal of the Yellowhead Institute to foster education and dialogue on First Nation governance between the University and among the Indigenous peoples and Canadians.

To find a sample of some of their work so far, a number of studies have been posted to their website that provide a glimpse into the focus that the institute has taken on many of the key issues facing Canadians and First Nations today.

Some of the themes explore to date include: Policing and First Nations, Educational funding for First Nations and Indigenous Housing concerns to name a few.

Of note for the Northwest is a paper on Treaties, Rights and Title and the recent injunction against the Unist'ot'en Camp.

As part of the work of the Yellowhead Institute they have identified five core objectives to guide their work.

Shaping New Governance Models and supporting governance work in First Nations communities and urban communities

Influencing policy development and holding governments accountable for policies affecting First Nations.

Contributing to public education on the legal and political relationship between First Nations and Canada.

Facilitating opportunities for, and supporting indigenous students and researchers

Building Solidarity with non-Indigenous students and researchers

The institute is named after William Yellowhead, known as Misko Aki or "Red Earth" he was Anishinaabe leader in the early to mid 1800's in what is now Southern Ontario and the Toronto area.

You can explore more of his history, as well as the vision and approach to the issues from the Yellowhead Institute website here.

Today's Yellowhead Institute session takes place at Coat Mountain College

Today's gathering at Coast Mountain College will take place in the Multi Purpose Room at Coast Mountain College of Fifth Street, from 2 PM to 5PM

This afternoon's session will be emceed by Spencer Greening of the Gitga'at First Nation.

For updates on their work and their travels on the North Coast see their Facebook page and twitter feed.

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