Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Pinnacle plant fire in Alberta impacts on product levels for shipment

A vessel at the Westview Terminal taking on wood pellets for export

The shipment levels out of the Westview Terminal on the Prince Rupert waterfront may see a dip over the next few months, that after a fire at one of Pinnacle Pellet's processing plants has taken one of the newest of the company's facilities off line for at least a month.

The fire which took place on February 11th at the Entwistle, Alberta facility sent one employee to hospital and injured several others and as Pinnacle noted in an information release last week has resulted in the temporary halt to production at the production facility.

The cause of the incident is still under investigation by the Occupational Health and Safety Office of Alberta, with the industrial site was handed back over to Pinnacle last week.

However, to date the company has not outlined any details as of yet related to the damage to the facility; while company officials have indicated to Alberta media services that work is expected to resume sometime in March.

The Pinnacle Pellet processing plant near Edmonton is the newest
facility for the BC based company and ships its finished product
through the Port of Prince Rupert.

Statistics from the Port of Prince Rupert indicated that prior to the Entwistle incident, shipments were already down slightly from those found at this time last year. The reduction in supply may provide for a continuation of that trend for the short term period ahead.

The halt to production at the Alberta facility comes as Pinnacle released a financial summary of it's financial results from 2018 and the first thirteen weeks of 2019, with the notes highlighting the growing list of clients that the company has secured for its energy product.

More background on Pinnacle Pellet, as well as the fire that shut down the Entwistle facility can be found from our archive page here.

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