Tuesday, February 12, 2019

School District seeks review of eligibility requirements for students considering a career in teaching

With the schools across the province scrambling to fill teaching positions, School District 52 like many other Northern schools is in  some tough competition to try and attract teachers to start, or continue their careers outside of the larger population centres n BC.

Adding to the concerns for School Administrators is the process that would be teachers face towards eligibility to teach, an issue that SD52 has taken to the Teacher Regulation Branch by way of a letter to the Commissioner last month.

In the correspondence, James Horne, the Chair of School District 52 has outlined some of the District's findings and frustrations from a recent information session with potential teaching students, which found only one application approved by the regulating body by late January.

The main note of concern it would seem, is that for those potential students who had expressed interest,  the eligibility requirements that have been set by the Teacher Regulation Branch have proven to be the reason that their applications have not been successful.

For the School District 52 Board members, the issue of the eligibility requirements as outlined by the Teacher Regulation Branch, is such that they believe that they may not be current and are hindering many good applicants to pursue a teaching certificate.

In the correspondence to the Commissioner, Mr. Horne outlines what the School District would like to see the Teacher Regulation Brand do to address the situation.

"Our request is that the Teacher Regulation Branch undertake a full review of the eligibility requirements and application process for students wishing to pursue a career in teaching. Given the challenges recruiting teachers to our remote communities, we believe this is an urgent matter that should be pursued as soon as possible."

SD52 recently was in the Lower Mainland looking to recruit teachers and other professionals for positions in the Prince Rupert School District.

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