Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Local schools observes Pink Shirt Day in Prince Rupert

Students, staff and Board officials are all marking the 2019 edition of Pink Shirt day today, with pink the colour of choice for schools across the city today, with many of the fashion statements making their way through the social media portals of Prince Rupert schools district wide.

The day has been set aside as a way to call attention towards bullying and has become a province wide and national event that raises funds and awareness on the issue.

Premier John Horgan led off the British Columbia event in Victoria, providing a statement on the importance of the day and the need to take action against bullying.

“We all have a responsibility to combat bullying, whether it’s online, in our homes, workplaces or school. We need to support those being bullied and show them they’re not alone, and that we will stand up with them. I’m so proud to see all the students here today taking a stand against bullying.

Staff and students at CHSS were just some
of those taking part in Pink Shirt Day
in Prince Rupert

(CHSS twitter feed)
As part of the observation of Pink Shirt Day, the province of British Columbia has announced the expansion of the Ministry of Education's ERASE program which has been created to help support and protect students against cyberbullying.

ERASE which stands for Expect Respect and a Safe Education has provided for an online safety reporting tool, offering students an opportunity to notify an adult member of their school community about something that is worrying them.

Towards the program the Ministry of Education is investing $160,000 to provide over 190 online safety sessions to more than 19,000 students in grades 3-12 throughout the province.

The sessions will provide students with information on recognizing the importance of a positive digital reputation, protecting their privacy online and details on how to use the ERASE anonymous-reporting tool in response to bullying and other concerns.

You can learn more about the ERASE program here

In addition to SD52 Pink Shirt Day was also observed at Annunciation school and Coast Mountain College.

The themes of Pink Shirt are also coursing through social media,  with a twitter feed , Facebook Page and Instagram feed available to share activities around BC and help to send the message.

The full statement of observance of Pink Shirt Day in BC can be reviewed here.

You can also find some further background on Pink Shirt Day here

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