Thursday, February 28, 2019

Port sharing the Prince Rupert advantage at major retail conference in Florida

The Port of Prince Rupert's Jeff Stromdahl, holding
down the booth at RailLink 2019 in Orlando, Florida
(PRPA Twitter feed)

It's a tough job, but someone has to do it, and this week Jeff Stromdahl of the Port of Prince Rupert drew the short straw to host a booth at the Retail Industry Supply Link conference in Orlando Florida.

The Blue Dot Marks the spot for the Port of Prince Rupert
at RailLink 2019 in Orlando, Florida

The three day conference which ended today brought together shippers and  supply chain executives along with a range of logistics services to explore changes in the nature of delivering products from factory to supplier to retailer.

The listing of convention attendees reads like the Who's Who of American retailing and it's to that audience that Port officials wanted to show how shipments through Prince Rupert to the heart of America can bring strong results for American retailers.

As the background display to Mr. Stromdahl notes, Prince Rupert is the closest port to Asia from North America and that means a much quicker deliver schedule for products to make their way to store shelves across America.

The Port of Prince Rupert was among a list of thirteen international ports in attendance at the convention, all of them, vying for a share of the global shipping industry and to build on their strengths when it comes to attracting new clients.

In addition to the exhibition hall where the Port's booth was located, the convention offered a number of keynote and breakout session speakers to share some of the evolution of the shipping industry that is underway.

You can learn more about the RILALINK convention here.

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