Thursday, December 20, 2018

Superintendent LaPierre charts her travels with twitter feed

The new Superintendent of Schools has just passed the first quarter of her time with School District 52 and if her twitter feed is any kind of an indication, Irene LaPierre is becoming a familiar face around the hallways of all of the city's schools from east to west.

Ms. LaPierre who was announced as the new Superintendent in June and took on her duties in August, recently created the social media stream earlier this month to showcase the work of teachers, staff and students around the city.

The new information stream includes both photos and videos that provide a glimpse into some of the many activities that are taking place in Prince Rupert's schools and even some that are happening outside of school hours.

In addition to the use of twitter, the Superintendent of Schools has also put in place a weekly newsletter, which outlines more of the activities around SD52.

The newsletters can be found here, or through the Rupert Schools twitter feed.

The Superintendent's twitter feed can be followed here.

Parent's can also find information from their neighbourhood school through a links page on the School District 52 website.

For more items of interest from School District 52 see our archive page here.

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