Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Port, partners back in court today on range of environmental charges

The Prince Rupert Court Register featured nineteen pages of court proceedings today, making for a busy Wednesday for the the judicial system.

Among those nineteen pages for the day, were seven pages of listings pertaining to environmental concerns from the expansion of the Fairview Container Terminal of 2015.

Pages five through eleven of the court documentation highlighted the nature of the charges that were to be heard as part of the 9AM session today.

Representatives for the Prince Rupert Port Authority, Fraser River Pile and Dredge, Bel Pacific Excavating and Shoring, Bel Contracting, FRPD-BelGateway Joint Venture and DP World Prince Rupert were to be in attendance at the court session, with today's proceedings scheduled following the initial court date of early November .

Among the listings to reviewed today were multiple charges of the following:

Harmful Alteration of Fish Habitat (6)

Failure to comply with conditions  (36)

Fail to notify of harmful alteration/disruption (4)

Failure to take reasonable measures related to harmful substance (4)

Failure to comply with direction of inspector (4)

The listings from the Prince Rupert Court House from this
mornings session of 9AM

(click to enlarge)

As we outlined on November 7th, the charges were forwarded as a result of a DFO investigation into work that took place as part of the Fairview expansion project starting in 2014.

We will update the notes on today's court proceedings once more information is made available related to today's session.

Update: Court Proceedings were carried forward to January 30th, 2019 at 9AM

For more items of note about Port developments see our archive page here.

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