Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Local groups sign on to Communities on the Move Declaration

An initiative from BC Alliance for Healthy Living has been endorsed by two local groups, with both Complete Streets for Prince Rupert and Transition Prince Rupert signing on to the Declaration for Communities on the Move.

The local organizations have issued a call for the implementation of redevelopment and city planning practices in Prince Rupert that will incorporate the values of the declaration.

With the groups looking for the city to incorporate them in a way that will ensure the development of a community in which all people can travel  safely, engage in physical activity and enjoy community space.

The six values of the Communities on the Move Declaration include:

Healthy Communities

Mobility for All

Clean Air and Environment

Economic Opportunities and Cost Savings

Consideration of Community Needs

Safety for all Road Users

The background behind all six of the declaration elements can be reviewed here.

To get towards those six values the BC Alliance for Healthy Living has five areas for action by municipal, regional and provincials officials calling for a Provincial Active Transportation Strategy and investment in Transit.

As well they would like to see a commitment to equity, consideration of Regional Needs and Commitment to Safety.

You can learn more about the Declaration from this item from Transition Prince Rupert.

Other local organizations that are interested in the concepts can sign the declaration here.

Complete Streets is a community based organization that has become an advocate for mobility and safety issues for Prince Rupert, you can learn more about their work from their website, twitter feed and Facebook page.

Last year they joined the larger umbrella group of Transition Prince Rupert, you can keep up to date on their latest work from their Facebook page and website.

More notes related to local transportation issues in Prince Rupert can be reviewed through our City Council Discussion page.

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