Saturday, December 22, 2018

Wind Warnings issued for North Coast and Haida Gwaii

Weather Alerts are in effect over much of coastal
areas of the province, Haida Gwaii and Vancouver Island

The North Coast has been added to the Wind Warning previously issued for Haida Gwaii, joining the rest of the coastal areas of mainland BC in expectation of windy conditions as a strong Pacific frontal system works its way towards the region.

Outflow winds from the North east will increase through the day reaching up to 90 km/h through mainland inlets, they are expected to continue through the overnight period and into Sunday morning.

The Wind Warning issued yesterday for Haida Gwaii remains in effect, Islanders will see winds coming from the South east and will reach up to 90 km/h later today, gradually easing towards Sunday morning.

A storm warning is in effect for waters off the North coast
and Haida Gwaii 

 The approaching marine weather has also put coastal waters under a Storm Warning, with winds for Hecate Strait increasing to Southeast 50 knots by this evening, diminishing as we reach Sunday afternoon. Seas will see waves of 3 to 4 metres during the storm.

You can get updates to the weather forecasts from the Environment Canada website.

For a look at some of our past weather advisories and events see our archive page.

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