Friday, December 21, 2018

Prince Rupert, a City awash in Sushi!

Sukohsi Kithcen
the latest dining option
in Prince Rupert
Once upon a time, Prince Rupert perhaps was best known for it's fish offerings and extensive options for Chinese food, a time when Third Avenue West was an epicurean delight with restaurant after restaurant serving up any number of combinations for hungry residents and visitors alike.

Times however have changed, the menu preferences of Prince Rupert residents seeming to shift towards sushi in recent years, with a growing number of options for residents to choose from for their dining plans.

The latest addition to the City's restaurant listings has been the Sukoshi Kitchen on Third Avenue West, which opened its doors in October, the newest location proving to be a popular destination for those looking to satiate their sushi cravings.

The Sukoshi Kitchen joins two established sushi restaurants in town that have already cultivated their own loyal clientele, with both Opa Sushi in Cow Bay and Fukasuka Prince Rupert in the Atlin Terminal hailed for their creative options.

Opa Sushi Cow Bay
Fukasaku in the Atlin Terminal

The spread of the growing fondness for sushi also finds other restaurants such as 99 Deli also on Third Ave West, adding the dish to their restaurant menu selections.

Prince Rupert's grocery stores also feature local sushi options from local restaurants for those looking to take their sushi on the run.

The surge of sushi kitchens in Prince Rupert is just the latest way that the city's restaurant scene has morphed over the last few years, offering an ever changing menu of options for residents to sample.

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