Friday, December 14, 2018

Smithers Pinnacle pellet facility begins shipments to Fairview Terminal

Pellet production is on the rise as
Pinnacle Energy continues to expand
The initial production runs are complete and for Pinnacle Resources, the addition of a new pellet facility in Smithers is set to help boost the output from the wood energy company, with the Prince Rupert Westview Terminal the beneficiary of the additional shipments that will see levels increase through 2019.

The new facility opened in late November, with Pinnacle CEO Rob McCurdy looking forward to having the newest plant on the corporate roster contributing quickly to their expanding footprint in the renewable power industry.

"With construction now nearing completion, we are pleased to report successful initial production runs at this new facility ... We expect commissioning of the Facility to be straightforward, due to its simple design and a fibre plan that consists mostly of clean, easily processed sawdust and shavings, supplied primarily by our partner West Fraser."

The new Smithers plant is a co-venture with West Fraser with Pinnacle Resource holding a seventy percent interest, while West Fraser holds the remaining thirty percent.

Shipments out of Westview Terminal
will be on the increase in 2019, as
Pinnacle Energy adds to its production
plants across western Canada
Pinnacle will be gradually ramping up the production levels from Smithers, with an anticipated volume of 125,000 metric tons per annum by the third quarter of the company's Fiscal year.

Shipments of Pinnacle product to global buyers have been secured through long term contracts.

The company has been on an expansion program for much of 2018 with three new facilities on line, Pinnacle expects that with all three running at full potential, they will increase their output by fifty percent in 2019

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