Monday, December 17, 2018

In this season of Gift Giving, the BC NDP is asking you for just one gift ...

An interesting request came out through the social media stream of North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice last week, with the MLA seeking out some financial help on behalf of her party.

The request came by way of a Facebook post from Friday calling for donations to the NDP, with the added incentive that all donations come with tax credits, noting that the larger the donation; the larger the tax credit!

Now Political parties do need money to function that's not in dispute, however the timing of the request from the provincial NDP seems somewhat fascinating considering the extra pressures of the holiday season that is now underway.

Add in the current situation in Prince Rupert. where yes while there are many who are doing quite fine economically, it is also a community where many others are clearly struggling just for day to day essentials.

This is a town where it is expected that over 500 food hampers will be distributed this month, and where the daily hot meal program in the city delivers to larger and larger numbers; something which seems to make the big ask of the NDP at Christmas somewhat tone deaf considering where the community focus may be at the moment.

The cash call from the NDP perhaps might have been better made a little earlier in the fall if the 2018 tax deadline is their concern.

Or better yet, left to a little farther down the road in 2019, maybe after the tax return money rolls in this Spring ... and taxpayers may be in a more generous frame of mind!

Yet there it is, the holiday call to the cheque book has been issued and supporters have been asked to pony up for the pot.

Residents in the community can make a decision one imagines.

Donate to say the Salvation Army, or other community groups which are doing the best they can at this time of the year to help out those in need in the community; or to top up the NDP's political war chest.

Decisions, decisions ...

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