Friday, December 28, 2018

Avalanche risk on the rise as weekend moves forward

Those that may be making a trip into the back country as their way of bringing 2018 to an end, should be aware of a rising risk of avalanche as the weekend moves forward, with new snow expected to fall over inland North Coast elevations over the next few days.

In their latest bulletin for the Northwest Inland areas, Avalanche Canada calls attention to the incoming snow of the weekend and how it will be redistributed by winds and develop slabs.

They make note that the more sensitive deposits at upper elevations and in lee features are the most suspect to human triggers.

For the North Coast Inland region, Avalanche Canada observes that if the accumulation is over 30 centimetres then the Avalanche hazard will be High.

Avalanche Forecasts indicate Saturday is the day
of most concern for avalanche 

risk in the region's backcountry

The next forecast for the backcountry is expected to be delivered this afternoon you an access it here.

A rating of high is the second highest category of the four that Avalanche Canada provide, you can learn more about their work and preparations you need to know about for travels in the backcountry from the Avalanche Canada website.

More notes related to weather events in the Northwest can be reviewed here.

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