Thursday, December 13, 2018

Living Room Live looking for venues for home based concert series

A networking group which brings performers and audiences together in intimate settings is looking for home based venues across the Northwest for the 2019 fall touring season.

Living Room Live outlines the approach to the home concert concept through their website which stresses the opportunity to bring classical musicians to rural communities that the smaller settings may offer.

The project which has been started on the prairies is looking to expand to British Columbia for 2019 and through their Frequently Asked Questions page much of the background to what is required by a host is explored. 

Prince Rupert has been host to similar ventures in the past, with a folk circuit of sorts in place to
recreate the coffee shop themes of the past in local homes.

The Winnipeg based concept seems to be expanding on the familiar theme, though they note that they are focused on classical music.

You can inquire about their plans from this link to their website.

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