Monday, December 31, 2018

As the hours tick down on 2018 ... All the best for the year ahead

Ready to Ring in a  New Year! 
The Prince Rupert Way!!!!

By now a good portion of the world has already started the journey into 2019, the celebrations getting underway in New Zealand, Australia and Asia more than a few hours ago, our celebrations on the North Coast still a few hours away.

As the clock winds down and the champagne (or bottled water) goes on ice, we'll take this moment to thank our loyal audience for their readership over the last 365 days, for the email notes, twitter correspondences and occasional commentary to some of our stories of the last year.

Since its inception much of the focus for the blog has been that of the local municipal scene and as the last few weeks have shown, some of the notes and issues that come out of City Hall have a very important impact on the community. 

With that in mind, as we have over the years of the past, we will  continue to devote a good portion of the blogs work on the efforts of the elected council down on Third Avenue West.

Those that follow the blog with some regular attention probably have noticed that a significant amount  of the news flow generated by those civic officials is first reviewed here, making its way through to the regions news sources with varying timelines.

Our goal for 2019 is to continue to keep to that benchmark and reinforce our dedication to local content a strong one, providing in depth and expansive review on the issues that impact the community the most. 

Whether that news comes from City Hall, the MLA  or MP's office,  the Legislature or House of Commons, neighbouring communities, or as part of the industrial footprint found in the city and region, we hope to continue to highlight those notes of importance to the region.

As always, we thank you for stopping in each day and welcome new visitors with appreciation. Now if you like what you see, maybe help spread the word about the blog with your friends and co-workers.

If you're making use of our notes in as research as part of a work project, or as something for a school purpose, send a shout out once-and-a-while, maybe even a citation in the footnotes ...  it's as close as we're going to get to a pay cheque.

For those that follow social media, you can find us on twitter  @CharlesMHays, from there we post links to all of our stories and welcome the chance to chat if you're in the neighbourhood.  

And as always, you can offer up comments on each story through our comments feature, though we ask that you review the contribution notes here.

The news flow will likely remain a bit slow over the next few days as we all shake off the lethargy of the holiday season to get back to the routines of the work at hand, though news of immediate importance will quickly be added to the rotation

As we get ready to ramp up or work again for a new year, tonight offers a chance to reflect on what 2018 brought and ring in with some anticipation the New Year that is just over the horizon.

Enjoy your festivities wherever they may take you tonight, have a safe and happy night and we hope to see you (and some of your friends!)  again in 2019!

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