Monday, January 28, 2019

Council to consider support for Kaien Trails plans for McClymont Park

A plan to expand the city's trail system is back on the radar,
with Kaien Trail seeking funding for a project from
McClymont part to Rushbrook/Cow Bay

With the Rushbrook Trail back in service after some emergency repairs over the holidays, Kaien Trails, the local group looking to expand access to to the regions recreation options is turning its attention towards a new project for the community.

In a letter to Prince Rupert City Council to be reviewed at tonight's Council session, Kaien Trails will be seeking the help of the Council members as it looks to access grant funding for the design work on a  trail along the McClymont Creek area east of the Civic Centre.

In their correspondence to Council, Kaien Trails observes how their plan would include access for walkers, cyclists and those with unique mobilities.

They note that so far their success has been limited in acquiring the required funding, but that they remain hopeful that this year may deliver the funding required to launch the design project.

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The project is part of Kaien Trails ambitious Master Plan to expand the trail system across the region,

The group last provided an update on their plans for City Council members by way of a letter back in May of 2017, a presentation which we reviewed at the time.

Should they find success in their quest for design funding this year,  Kaien Trails hopes to be shovel ready for 2020, providing they can access grant funding for the development of the trail system from the Civic Centre to Cow Bay/Rushbrook area.

You can follow the progress of Kaien Trails with their plans for the region through their website and Facebook page.

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