Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Council to hear proposal for cycling path to connect Civic Centre to Cow Bay/Rushbrook Trail

Looking towards McClymont Park
from the Civic Centre, an area
that would be part of a bike path
to the Cow Bay/Rushbrook area
Cyclists in the region may have their own pathway to travel by the fall of 2018, that is if a plan being put together by a local group comes together over the next few months.

If funding can be secured, the Kaien Island Trail Enhancement and Recreation Society has an ambitious plan in mind to rehabilitate and turn the McClymont Park Trail into a cycling path, something that has long been asked for by local cycling enthusiasts.

The project would offer  up a scenic pathway for cyclists to transit from the Civic Centre area on to the Cow Bay and Rushbrook Trail region on the east side of the city following much of the path of Hays Creek.

City Council will hear some of the details for the project tonight as Steve Millum makes a presentation to Council on the proposed path development and seek the City's approval of the concept before seeking funding from the BC Rural Dividend.

Should they get a green light from the City and secure the funding, planning and design work would start in the summer or fall of this year, and would be used for the tendering process sometime next spring.

A proposed cycling path would run along Hays Creek, from the
Civic Centre area to the Cow Bay/Rushbrook area

The Kaien Island Society made its request for an opportunity to address Council on May 8th,  some background on their proposal can be found below as part of a letter to Council.

If they receive approval and secure funding for the project, it's anticipated that it would be completed by the fall of 2018.

The Society is currently engaged in the remediation project for the Rushbrook Trail which we reviewed on the blog in February.

More of the project and an opportunity for Council members to ask questions. will be outlined as part of Council's Regular meeting tonight.

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In addition to their website, you can learn more about the work of the Kaien Trails group from their Facebook page.


  1. Many of us have used McClymont trail as a safe dog walk trail for many years. What happens to us now? There used to be a large number of areas where we could walk our dogs eithe on or off-leash, without interfering with non-dog owners. Most of these trails have been taken over by other projects, and are no longer available to dog-owners. Dogs, pedestrians and cyclists do not mix on a narrow pathway! Find somewhere else for a cycling path, and allow those of us who enjoy the peace and quiet of walking on this forested trail, with or without our pets, the luxury of doing so. We count too!

  2. I would imagine that before they move forward with any plan, they would have to hear the views of the public with some kind of hearing. Short of that, you should watch for the next Council Session which features what is called a Committee of the Whole session, you can comment on any issue that is of concern as part of that forum. It usually takes place with the last meeting of each month. Beyond that, contact some of the Council members to have your views heard.