Friday, May 12, 2017

As Graduation season looms, Hiring season in full bloom at SD 52

With a new Humans Resource head now in place, School District 52 is set to put him to work quickly with 23 positions now listed for teaching positions in the Prince Rupert region.

The new HR head is Dave Carter, who has a range of experience on his resume from past positions across Canada, also has an affiliation with Prince Rupert from the past, having served as the Director of Human Resources at BC Packers George Hills Way location (now Canadian Fish) in the early1990's.

He takes over the post from Kathy Gomez who stepped back in at SD52 to lend a hand to the District after the departure of Jonathon Wittig who left the region earlier this year.

Mr. Carter will bring some of that past experience of Prince Rupert issues to the task ahead with the District, as the resumes come in to address the list of vacancies.

He took up his duties on May 8th, with the full listing of the 23 positions posted to the SD52 website on Thursday.

Many of the positions would appear to be destined to be determined by internal application and may not necessarily mean that an influx of teachers into the region is on the horizon.

The deadline for the competition closes at Noon on Monday May 15th

Among the positions listed are those in areas of Aboriginal Education, as well as opportunities in elementary, middle and secondary schools across the District. Also of note is the search for a Secondary School Band Teacher, Shop Teacher and French immersion teachers.

All positions feature a range of generic qualifications that must be met, along with any specialized requirements related to individual opportunities.

The Generic requirements look as follows (click to enlarge):

You can review the full list of opportunities here

The are in addition to a number of other education assistant opportunities listed here.

In addition to the job listings on the local School District website, positions are also listed as part of the national Make A Future teachers listings.

For more items related to Education on the North Coast see our archive page here.

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