Monday, May 15, 2017

Exstew Campsite to remain closed to public over May long weekend

Access Denies -- The Exstew River Recreation Site will
be closed for the week, including the May Long Weekend

The misbehaviour of the few of the past, continues to have an impact on the many today.

As North Coast residents make their plans for the upcoming May long weekend, one option to explore the Northwest outdoors will remain closed to the public.

Last week, the Recreation Sites and Trails Branch of the province posted a notice advising that the Exstew River Recreation Site along Highway 16 would remain closed over the May 22nd Victoria Day weekend.

The closure is in effect from May 15 to 23. As part of the closure, the Exstew Forestry road will be gated approximately 500 meters north of highway 16.

The advisory  notes that the short-term closure will protect recreation and environmental resources and reduce the impact of vandalism and unauthorized camping.

The move to close the site once again for the May Long weekend is no doubt in response to some of the past incidents that left the campsite in various stages of destruction.

In past years, those that have take over that particular location have left the site requiring some significant remediation and clean up for provincial officials.

Last year, The Terrace Standard highlighted some of the past troubles that were found by allowing access to Exstew over the May long holiday weekend.

There will be No Camping or use of the Exstew Recreation site this long weekend
as the Province keeps the site closed to protect it from vandalism

Any exemptions for access to the area under the closure order must be authorized by the regional manager, to gain more information related to the Exstew closure contact Bryan Last with Recreation Sites and Trail Branch at 250-638-5100 or 

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