Tuesday, May 9, 2017

To the polling stations we go!

Election Day 2017 has arrived, the result of the five week campaign for your vote to be revealed shortly after 8 PM this evening, when the polling stations across the province close and the vote counting begins.

For those that marking their ballots today, the polling stations for the area surrounding Prince Rupert can be found as follows:

Prince Rupert -- Jim Ciccone Civic Centre, 1000 McBride Street
Prince Rupert -- District Electoral Office, 221 3rd Avenue West

Port Edward -- 770 Pacific Avenue 

Dodge Cove -- Dodge Cove

Metlakatla -- 2 Duncan East

Lax Kw'alaams -- 51 Church Street

For Haida Gwaii and other areas of the North Coast, a full listing of where you can cast your ballot can be found from this interpretive map from the Elections BC website.

As the results come in this evening, you can review how the party candidates have fared this year compared to the vote four years ago.

For residents of the North Coast, notes on the 2013 vote totals can be reviewed below.

Of the 15,500 residents registered to vote in 2013, only 8,140 went to a polling station on election day.

Those that did exercise their right to vote, did so as follows:

Hondo Arendt -- Green Party -- 831  (10.21%)
Judy Fraser -- Liberal Party -- 2,692 (33.07%)
Jennifer Rice -- NDP -- 4,617 (56.72%)

Elections BC information from 2013

Our neighbours to the east in Skeena can review the 2013 count below:

Just over half of the registered voters of Skeena went to the polls four years ago, with 11,756 of the 21,164 registered to vote casting a ballot. 

Those that took part in the electoral process delivered their votes as follows:

Robin Austin -- NDP -- 5,609 (47.71%)
Mike Brousseau -- Conservative -- 797 (6.78%)
Trever Hendry -- BC Party -- 263 (2.24%)
Carol Leclerc -- Liberal Party -- 5,087 (43.27%)

Elections BC information from 2013

Election watchers will be keeping an eye on the two Northwest ridings this evening as the election results begin to roll in, looking to see if the electoral winds are changing in the region, or if the Northwest remains steadfast in its past support.

The polls remain open until 8, providing up to twelve hours today to exercise your right to vote.

For those heading to the polls there are three procedures in place when it comes to providing identification to pick up your ballot for voting, you can review what you need to bring to the polling stations here.

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